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Free App Icons & Icon Packs ►
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(5600 total ratings on Google Play)


UPDATED - Browse & download 207,000+ free app icons through out 1,000+ icon packs. Lots of awesome icons to choose from, search for specific app icons, use the "I''m Feeling Lucky" button or browse through the various icon packs.

Use Icon Finder Plus to magically bring you thousands of awesome new icons to keep your phone looking fresh all the time. Have a boring weather icon, alarm icon, map icon, calendar icon? Tired of looking at the same ol'' Facebook app icon? Or maybe you have an app icon that doesn''t quite match the theme you''re using. All icons are downloaded in a transparent png format to your SD Card and can be used in any launcher! See the instructions below for help on how to swap out app icons on most launchers.

-= Features =-
✔ 207,000+ free icons, many are HD
✔ 1000+ Icon Packs
✔ No Push Ads
✔ Save the app icon to your SD card
✔ Share cool icons with your friends
✔ Search for icons by keyword
✔ Easily find awesome icons and icons sets with the "I''m Feeling Lucky" button

-= Universal Icon Compatibility =-
These icons can be used to replace app icons on any launcher. If you want to replace Go Launcher icons, ADW icons, Apex Launcher icons, Nova icons, Holo icons, etc. All you need to do is download the icon to your SD card then replace it using your launcher. If you don''t know how to replace individual icons with your launcher please refer to the launcher''s instructions on how to do so. On most launchers, if you long press on an icon you can change it out, then navigate to the "Icon Finder Plus" folder to find the icon you downloaded.

-= Swapping Icons - Most Launchers =-
1. Save an icon (all icons are saved to a "Icon Finder Plus" folder)
2. Swap it out using your launcher, (For most launchers, long press on the icon you want to swap out)
3. Navigate to the "Icon Finder Plus" folder and find the icon
3. Enjoy your new icon!

-= Swapping Go Launcher Icons =-

1. Long press on an icon in your launcher
2. Tap Edit
3. Tap the landscape looking icon in the upper right to open the gallery
4. Navigate to the "Icon Finder Plus" folder and select the icon you downloaded

-= Swapping ADW Launcher Icons =-

1. Long press on an empty space to bring up the config menu
2. Go to Add (option list to the right)
3. Add Custom Shortcut
4. Pick your activity, Applications if you want to add a app
5. Pick the app you want to add
6. Click the icon of the app
7. Select picture (don''t select crop, it adds a black background)
8. Navigate to the "Icon Finder Plus" folder and pick your icon

-= Swapping Apex & HOLO Launcher Icons =-

1. Long press on an icon in your launcher
2. Tap Edit
3. Tap the icon image
4. Choose Select Picture (Not Select and Crop Picture, icon will lose transparency)
5. Navigate to the "Icon Finder Plus" folder and select the icon you downloaded

-= Please Read =-
We did not create these free icons, only the app to help find and navigate them. Each of the icons were created by their respective designer. Please notice next to each icon there is licensing information and a link to their website. Please respect the hard work of the designers and refer to the icon license when using the icon.

-= Feedback =-
Any feedback, issues, or requests please email support@jellytap.com or within the app under the Help or About sections. This is the beta release and would appreciate any constructive feedback by email.

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