Frequency Sound Generator

Frequency Sound Generator
(3800 total ratings on Google Play)
José Morais / Music
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(3800 total ratings on Google Play)


This application generates audio tones from 1 to 24000 Hz.
Abstract: real time audio generator, tone generator, sweep sounds, white noise, pink noise, infra-sounds, ultrasounds, binaural beats.

What you can do with this tool:

- Speaker tests.
- Sub-woofer tests.
- Audio amplifier tests.
- Equalizer fine tuning.
- Car audio tuning
- SPL competitions
- Music instrument tuning
- Frequency response analysis
- As a infra-sound or ultra-sound source
- Sub-woofer crossover tuning
- Loudspeaker breakup
- Taking a hearing test (test your friends and family).
- Testing your new headphones (can they output 20Hz as specify in the box?)
- Sound Wiki: The app teaches the user the use and names of the various sound ranges.
- To create relaxation and meditation sounds.
- Some users use it because of tinnitus. This app can help you finding the tinnitus frequency.
- As a noise mask (pink and white noise)


- Solid, double precision, real time, accurate, wave generator.
- 16bit PCM encoding (CD quality)
- Sampling rate at 44100 (CD quality) or 48000 Hz (automatic native DAC detection!)
- Tone generator
- Function generator (sine waves)
- Sweep tone generator
- Real time manual frequency increment or decrement (accurate, without pops and clicks)
- Real time Binaural Beats generator
- Sweep loops (continuous, with no lag)
- Time span selectable
- White noise generator
- Pink noise generator
- Save favorite tones and sweeps in a list for future use
- Precise left/right channel volume control
- Possibility to invert one channel for cancellation effects.
- No ADS!
- No excessive PERMISSIONS !!
- PRO version option for the users that want to support the future development and maintenance of the app.

This app in only available in the Google Play Store. If you are reading this on another site, do not download the app, it may be an old version, and is not authorized by me. Go to the Google Play please.

The KISS Principle (Keep It Simple Stupid):
My goal was to design and program a simple app that does the job, and not full off options that would introduce bugs and turn the app difficult to learn an use. Sometimes, less is more!

Under the wood
This is a very technical app, it has hundreds of hours of work, but all the complexity is hidden from the user interface.

- This app does not read all your contacts!
- In-app purchases: this permission allow users that want to support the future development and maintenance of this app to upgrade to PRO VERSION, paying a small fee, and without installing a new separate version. This process is the new trend in phone apps. This is a one time purchase only.

This app does not run in background yet.

24KHz is only possible in phones with a 48KHz sample rate DAC. Some very expensive phones do not have such a DAC. This is a hardware limitation.

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