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Video Funny Chicken Farm Pius, but that this time will be interpreted nothing more and nothing less than a drunken Which Chicken Pio singing things that only occur drinking or taken and this drunk ajuma or understand.

Eh seen falling drunk people laugh mourn ... but never a drunk trying to memorize and imitate animals simultaneously.
This application only serves to laugh, as you can not imagine, put it down and watch it with your kids without having to be connected to the Internet.
Origin of the Chicken Pio

For those who do not know the story of the pious and the farm chick, here I leave it to you to know what is the origin of the song.

The chick does not look Pius music star. It is a bright yellow chick with huge blue eyes and hooves regordito for music. But with his pace and squeaky voice has become one of the videos harder campaigns online, thanks to a song as simple as obsessively catchy: the chick peep.
After months are horse dancing Gangnam Style, with the rapper PSY achieved the honor of being the most watched video in Youtube history, social media, always hungry for news, have started looking heir and already Pulcino have enthroned peep (pulchino).
Pulcino, in Italian, because this funny animated character comes from that country, although as is defined with a virtual star already has its own Facebook, with 16,379 "likes" and even Youtube channel, where the video has been played about 45 million times.

On the radio, not on the farm
But what is special about this bird? As success has come with his first song The chick peep a child inspired theme, played by Morgana Giovanneti.La letter is rather glib but requires memory. A list in reverse order and growing of all animals-and their corresponding onomatopoeia-who are with him on the radio: the hen, rooster, turkey, pigeon, cat, dog, and up to ten animals, when it appears a tractor that will give the chick a good scare.
On the radio, not a farm, as would seem logical, because this chicken is the work of Radio Globo in Rome, where he began airing last July to reach number one on the list of the most played in the country.

This animal that has risen to worldwide fame has Brazilian roots, as the chick peep theme stems from a tune Brazilian children, work Erisvaldo da Silva, O Pintinho Piu, which 27 years later has been translated and adaptada.La idea of ​​recovering that old song and create the pio was Pulcino publishers Virginia Radio Globo Bruno Dantas and Benvenuti, both from Brazil and, therefore, knew the original theme. For the pulcino was an absolute star will not be complete without a bit of controversy, as it emerged in Italy when some netizens found the original and plagiarism accusations began, which were rejected by a coup Radio Globo reported.

History information was extracted from: http://www.laprensa.hn

Other Versions of Chicken Pio
• Dutch: "Het Kuikentje Piep"
• English: "The Little Chick Cheep"
• French: "Le Poussin Piou"
• German: "Das kleine Küken piept"
• Greek: "To Poulaki Tsiou" ("Πουλάκι Τσίου")
• Greek (Cyprus): "To Poulloui Tsiou"
• Portuguese: "O Pintinho Piu"
• Romanian: "Piu Puiul"
• Spanish: "The chick Pius"
• Catalan: "The Pollet Piu"
The September 17, 2012, Radio Globo launched an alternative version called "La Vendetta" in which the chick singing is come in the tractor ran over the original music video.
History information was extracted from: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Il_Pulcino_Pio

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