Transparent Screen With Camera

Transparent Screen With Camera
(25.252k total ratings on Google Play)
JulyCamera / Tools
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(25.252k total ratings on Google Play)


This app can make your phone like a transparent phone with your camera, you can wow your friend with this app. But notice it might failed in your phone, if failed, feel free to uninstall this app. It only work in some phone.

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Why this app need system permission and phone call permission?
[Answer:]system permission is help to display the preview overlay in your screen, so that we can make your phone looks like transparent, phone call permission is used to hide this app icon in your phone.

First I developed this app as a silent camera to remove the camera shutter sound, and this silent camera only can disable the sound, but it still have the preview, originally I tried to overlap a fake image view to overlap the camera surfaceview, it can hide the preview some how. :)
But it still can not do very well, because I only can predefine the fake preview in my app, user has all kinds of phone with different UI, and different usage scenarios, they want more fake preview.
Then here comes this app, it can take picture while you do anything in your phone, and still keep the silent camera function.
You might want to know why you still keep the original silent camera app, if you have this question, then, great, LOL, because so far I only can let it take picture, not video in this mode. The video is more hard to resolve it, it still only use the original fake preview solution.

There are already several transparent apps like this app, but I add more functions, the difference between this app and other similar apps:
1. Support front camera, when you read some text or book, you can see who is coming back to you through your transparent screen.

2. You can take pictures while you are using this function, I''s suggest you disable the transparent preview also. In that way, no body can sneak what you are doing.

3. !!!!You also can hide the app icon in your phone, nobody can know you have installed this app.!!!

4. It also can hide the picture you have snap into some magic pictures, this feature is really cool.

5. You do not need to root your phone, you can use the silent camera function. It can remove sound in a special way.

6. Auto-snap, you do not need to press any button, just hold your phone.

7. Some other features like tuning the transparency level, vibrate during taking picture, password protect etc.

!!!!Just download it and try it by yourself.!!!!!!

1. Why it failed in my phone?
Try the free version before you buy the paid version, it can not work in some phone. Sorry, I am still working on it.

2. Why the picture resolution is low when I choose to remove sound?
If you know how to root your phone and how to remove sound files, you can disable this feature. Check the detail answer in here http://julycamera.blogspot.com/

3. Why you need system permission and phone call permission?
system permission is help to display the preview overlay in your screen. phone call permission is used to hide this app icon in your phone.
Free version also has some permission for displaying Ads.

4. More question? Feel free to access http://julycamera.blogspot.com/ or mail to app.liu@woapp.info to find the answer.

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