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Silent Camera
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(2700 total ratings on Google Play)


"Recommended by Appgovideo.com (http://www.appgovideo.com/)" Review video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qaoTuJWJaM

The key different feature for this app are:
1. Hide the app icon in your phone (Paid Version Only).
2. Hide the record file from camera.
3. Take picture in silent mode without root your phone.

The trial version can be used for 2 days, you can buy my paid version of this app, the paid version has no Ad, and there are more features like nomedia file, front camera, instant camera and more fake preview which are in paid version.

This app is the super camera advanced version, it can hide itself and also the record file when you take picture or video. It is the only camera app which can hide the record files. Even someone got your phone, nothing can be found.

Hide everything is the key point of this app, not only the preview, also the record files.

1. Take low resolution picture silently, if you remove the camera sound file, you also can take video and high resolution picture silently. The silent camera function is only worked for taking picture now. You can check the FAQ to find out how to disable video camera sound.

2. Press the volume up/down(+/-) button, or touch the screen, it will take picture or start/stop taking video.

3. Support gesture, you can use gesture to change the fake preview background or the transparency of the fake preview, very handy.

4. Continuous shot automatically, you do not need to press anything, just hold the phone and it will take picture automaticlly.

5. Multiple fake preview style. And easy changed transparency screen. Noboday can know you are taking picture, turn your phone to a hidden camera.

6. High resolution video support.

7. Autohide picture into magic files. This feature is better than any other amera app and photo vault, some app just use a nomedia file or rename the picture/video file to txt to hide, but this app can hide with a magic picture to hide your real picture. Turn your camera be a private camera, no one can find the secret picture or video in your phone.

8. Password protection for the app.

9. Very greatful way to hide the picture into magic file.

10. Create shortcut to the homescreen, very useful. You can take picture as quick as you want.

11. It also can be a photo vault, video vault to hide the picture and video and other files.

12. It is also the only HD video support app in hidden camera related apps.

So if you want to take a picture or video of your friend without him knowing? This app has got you covered, so to speak.

The app isn''t limited to those basic functions--it boasts many useful features. These include the ability to take continuous pictures every five seconds (or whatever time interval you set), various preview screen modes, and the ability to schedule photos and videos in advance.

It suppresses shutter sounds, flash, and other giveaways. Take a picture or a video by simply and unobtrusively pressing the volume key or tab screen. The app also hides your photos and videos with fake pictures, so people looking through your phone can''t see them.

Totally sneaky and well faked screen style. Compared to: SilentSnap, Silent Camera, Spy Camera, sneaky camera, One Eye, spy cam, spy phone, spy text, mobile hidden camera, hidden camera, private camera.

It is summer, you must want to take a picture silent with girls in the street or bus station or the beach, but you do not want to make this awkward. Try this camera app, you will like it. It can help you to hide this app itself, hide the camera preview, hide the record file, hide everything for you.

Disclaimer: App is for entertainment purpose only. Illegal use is strictly prohibited.

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