Jumpy The Frog

Jumpy The Frog
(1000 total ratings on Google Play)
DaVil / Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


Looking for a game that''s fun, addictive, intuitive, replayable and free to play? Look no further than Jumpy the Frog,

Jumpy''s kingdom of tadpoles has been invaded by the mad alien scientist known as Tooth-Pick and his alien allies! Fortunately, there''s hope for the kingdom and its residents: Jumpy the Frog. Go on an adventure with Jumpy through 50 levels and 25 bonus stages as you hop, collect various power-ups to help you take on the enemy and, if you''re interested in more of a challenge, grab a few star collectibles along the way in a series of fun, intuitive, and challenging levels.

Jumpy the Frog strikes a balance between challenge and fun, but it''s a good fit for all types of players; the intuitive controls will feel natural regardless of your skill level.

As Jumpy embarks on his adventure to save his kingdom''s tadpoles and stop the nefarious Tooth-Pick from bringing more allies through his vortex, which would spell certain doom for the kingdom, he''ll have to take care of alien bees, poison mushrooms, Tooth-Pick''s own alien guards, and even alien bosses.

And if you get stuck, you don''t have to wait around for more lives like other games in the genre - just call on your friends through Facebook or Google+ to earn more lives, and maybe even some tips to carry you through! If your friends are nice, at least. If not, you can always make friends through our very own Facebook page!

Already jumped your way through the levels and you''re hungry for more content! Good news! Jumpy the Frog will be updated on a regular basis; rather than simply focusing on bug fixes and tweaks most people don''t care about, we plan to implement many new power-ups for Jumpy to make use of, outfits for Jumpy to wear - all free of charge! We''re committed to bringing you the gaming experience you want.

Got an idea for a power-up you''d like to see in the game? Simply post on the game''s official Facebook page and, if your suggestion gets enough likes, you just might see your very own power-up in the game!

So, what are you waiting for? Help Jumpy save the kingdom and his tadpoles! Tadpoles can''t save themselves. ''Cuz, you know, they''re tadpoles.

Jumpy number one!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jumpythegame

Twitter - https://twitter.com/jumpythegame

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