Thunder Birds

Thunder Birds
(220 total ratings on Google Play)
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(220 total ratings on Google Play)


Discover the land of these belligerent birds.
Release as many bombs as possible! But be careful this game is addicting! The funny, angry and crazy birds are fighting a big war! Help them to release the bombs and to blast the ground.
Tap on the birds to make them release the bombs.

Revenge of the birds: The Birds Strike Back!

Thunder Birds features many levels.

Important notice to get as many points as possible (target):
If you group the birds up by color (yellow, green, blue or red) you can get much more points. It will also work if you simply pop on birds having the same color in sequence.

It will not be an easy mission to release all the bombs, as you will find some raging enemies on your path that do not agree with your destruction plans and chase your flappy birds. You will also have some precious allies that will help you out, but, pay attention there are also some traitors between your lines. So you better watch out somebody could help you once and turn his back on another occasion trying to destroy your bombs before your able to drop them.

★ ★ ★ Features: ★ ★ ★

✔ High quality 3D graphics
✔ Various animations and special sounds
✔ Cool figures equipped like true soldiers / warriors
✔ The Emp – he destroys your bombs with some sort of laser shaft.
✔ The Drone – he activates the bombing carpet
✔ The Supply – he brings you what you need
✔ The Thunders - look ahead
✔ The Survivor - give your best and bomb
✔ The Apache - danger, he is trigger-happy
✔ The General is your ace in the hole
✔ The Time - he activates bullet time
✔ The stealth - good or bad? Ally or enemy? He will be a surprise!
✔ Many exciting game levels
✔ Fun for all

Tappable fun for people of all ages, especially kids, teens and adults (girls, boys, men, women).
Super cool game for all those people who like to play with modern cartoon action figures.

Download this great game and take part at one of the most amusing wars of the android market! You can play with it in every occasion: at home, at the bus stop, at the park etc.

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