Bird Mini Golf - Freestyle Fun

Bird Mini Golf - Freestyle Fun
(2100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2100 total ratings on Google Play)


Play with this amusing and addicting cartoon mini golf game.
If you are tired of the classical mini golf games with the usual ball and the classic gameplay, try something new! Meet one of the most entertaining birds on the planet. Our flappy friend lives on an abandoned amusement island, where you can find any of the coolest mini golf tracks (courses) on earth. My bird has a huge passion for mini golf but there are no golf clubs (sticks) and balls to play with, he has reinvented the game concept.
He blows up his clumsy body until he looks like a ball and uses a slingshot to move towards the hole.
After the first shot the game play will change from slingshot modus to arrow modus with a power bar, for a more precise stroke.
Advice: Remember that the first hit will be the most difficult, so do not put too much strength in it because it will simply make our fluffy friend, fly out of the track. Don''t hit the bird into the sea - it doesn''t like to be a subsurfer...

Cool gamefeat:
✓ Awesome 3D graphics
✓ Cute animal characters and animations with dancing and balancing birds
✓ 4 fun courses with over 70 holes
✓ Simple, drag-and-release gameplay mechanic for the slingshot
✓ Direction arrow with power bar for the successive stroke - just touch it
✓ Realistic physics and ball movement
✓ Collectible coins and jewels to increase your score
✓ Easy and funny to play

Try to find the shortest and easiest path to the hole in order to rise your score. Let''s make it with no more than 3 par (hits) and you will get three stars.
There are also collectible coins and jewels that can increase your final score like crazy.

If you collect one gem you will get back one par (stroke) which means that you have higher possibilities to get 3 stars.

Enjoy hours of fun with this challenging free app! It''s a big fun for kids, parents, adults and everybody!

This is version v1 - we will update it as soon as possible.

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