Gingerbread Run

Gingerbread Run
(4600 total ratings on Google Play)
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(4600 total ratings on Google Play)


Get the super agile and acrobatic Gingerbread Run.
Bob the Gingerbread is about to be sold to a couple of hungry children that can barely wait to sink their teeth in his sweet body. To save his life he decides to escape from the pastry shop. In order to accomplish his mission he will have to deal with the guardian and a lot of obstacles that are placed on his way to freedom. The guardian is a doomed rolling pin placed there from the baker to flatten or smash every pastry that should come up with the idea of escaping from his temple.

Help him through all his struggles. Test your reflexes as you race along the bridges. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect the colored chocolate balls and see how far you can run!
Everything looks sweet and attractive, but do not forget: you are hunted and all your abilities are required to safe Bob’s life. Every false step or collision could hurt him or even bring him to death.
Remember to pay attention to the precipices (gaps), as Bob from a sea of hot milk surrounded is and he will melt like a butter cookie, if he should be falling into it.

All your strength will be required to dodge all the pastries on your path. Run, skip and evade a great amount of dynamite bombs, biscuits, pastries, croissants, pancakes, chocolate bars and more delicious things to give our brave hero at least the illusion of salvation.
Challenge your friends and try to establish a new record.


★ Easy touch and tilt control
★ Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning, sliding and tilt movement
★ Colorful graphics and smooth animations
★ The coolest gingerbread ever to play with!
★ The never-ending mega game

3, 2, 1 go! Start this epic running adventure and escape from the dark rage of the bloody rolling pin!

Get one of the sweetest runner games of the mobile market! It will make your mouth water!

Advice: Probably not so recommended for people that are on strict diet ;-)

It is a free app – download it and have fun!

This game is NOT in HD - but we are working on it... ;-)

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