Hairstyles & Fashion for Girls

Hairstyles & Fashion for Girls
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Give a new style to your hair look!

With this incredible app you will be able to check out how you would look like with different hairstyles before you go to the hairdresser salon. Maybe in this way you will come up with a couple of new ideas for your next meeting with the hairdresser.
Take a photo of yourself or a friend of yours and choose between a large amount of special haircuts and hair colors. Try long, short, curly, frizzy, punk or even wedding hairstyles out. On many different periwigs you will also be able to choose the color, such as black, brown, blond, red, violet and many more.
How will you look like? Will your appearance be cheekier, more charming, sweeter, sexier, funnier or maybe lightly scary? Find it out, with this glamour tool!
Accessoires / Accessories: Ad some particular gadgets to your pictures as for example a pretty hat, a freaky wig, a noble crown or nice sunglasses. Furthermore you can also personalize your pictures with some funny stickers like a lovely heart, a diamond (jewel) or a tiny rose or use some speech bubbles to communicate something.

Nail Salon: Have a look to the latest nail fashion trends and grab a couple of new ideas for the next appointment with the nail salon. You will be able to find various types of nails such as simply colored, nicely designed ones, with special glitter effects applied on them, up to real art master pieces.

This app is a paradise for every trendsetter. It:
- helps you to make the right decision /deals if you go out for shopping
- increases your fantasy and imagination
- you can check different types of beauty styles e. g. cosmopolitan style
- helps you to look like a starlet, a princess, a fashion victim, a celebrity, a model, a movie or tv actress or even a queen

Share your pictures per e-mail, with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.

Take a photo from your gallery and let the photo fun tool generate funny pictures.

It''s easy:
1. Choose the subjects of the picture
2. Position it in the frame. Resize the picture with your finger(s).
3. See the beautiful results
4. Save and share

With this app it is very easy to fake photos and to look like a fashion icon.

✔ A lot of predefined pictures
✔ Create wallpapers and backgrounds
✔ Create photomontages, cool image effects, fun pics
✔ Photo edit / editor
✔ etc.

Use this app to get a cool hairstyle and become the new super star of your city / town / village! Be in vogue and check it out!

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