Magic Mirror: Photo Warp Booth

Magic Mirror: Photo Warp Booth
(1600 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1600 total ratings on Google Play)


Everybody goes through some boring moments during his life. Well, now you have the opportunity to fill those boring moments with a lot of fun. Take your phone and have a look in the craziest mirror ever. You will see, that, within seconds a smile will appear on your face.

It works more or less like the mirrors you usually find in a mirror labyrinth of some amusement parks with the difference that you can modify the distortion of the reflection as you wish.

You can use the magic mirror with the front camera as a proper mirror or with the back camera to shot some cool pictures and prank your friends thanks to hilarious photos.

In the Mirror app you will also find a really funny photo warp tool to modify all your pictures.
Take a photo of your gallery or one you downloaded and distort, bend, stretch or melt the face and body of the subjects as you like.
Make the subjects of your pictures fatter or skinnier by enlarging or narrowing them.
Transform your friends in some sort of crazy monsters by displacing and deforming completely some parts of their bodies.
Take some pictures of your colleagues at work / school, at your sport club, from your class mates, etc. and create some comic caricatures of them to share a big laugh with them.
How will they look like? Will they appear fatter, thinner, like an alien, funny, or maybe slightly scary? Find it out, with this amazing tool!

It contains also some stickers with mouth expressions eyes and noses as for example: sharp dentures (bites), skeleton jaw, monkey and pigs nose etc.

With this fantastic tool you will be able to create fake pictures to send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.


- Warp tool (Select and calibrate the warp tool, tap somewhere on your image and drag to move around pixels.)
- Squeeze and bloat tools
- Responsive and quick manipulation
- You can warp every image whether it has been made from your camera or if it has been downloaded from internet.
- FX colors (black white, sepia, negative, etc.)
- Save and share your amusing pictures with the world
- Different buttons with many options to make big or tiny changes

Advise: The mirror can be used also like a normal mirror to check your look, put your contact lens, to makeup, etc.

Tips: If you have some cool celebrity (VIP) or politicians pictures (e. g. from movie, music or TV stars, actors, presidents, etc.) you will be able to submit them to plastic surgery (morph their faces and change their bodies as it pleases you), it will be exhilarating.

With this free magic mirror and photo warp app it is very easy to fake your appearance. Enjoy it!

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