Slice It & Talk: Squirrel Fun

Slice It & Talk: Squirrel Fun
(600 total ratings on Google Play)
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(600 total ratings on Google Play)


One of the best downloadable apps with a delightful little talking Squirrel and a cool game where all of your reflexes will be needed to swipe with your finger across the screen and slice all the nuts into pieces.
Imagine how much fun you will have by playing this fantastic app! You will get 2 applications in one! An amazingly interactive figure that will repeat what you say, with his funny voice and entertain you with his amusing activities. Moreover you will be able to kill some time with a smashing and super addicting game.
This tiny squirrel lives in a big city park where he spends his time doing funny things. Spend some time with this entertaining squirrel and get to know him better. Some of the favorite activities of our small friend are to dance to some good songs, look at the floating soap bubbles and to play his favorite cut game. You will discover that the park hides some nasty dangers such as sudden weather changes and some natural calamities.
Follow this funny cartoon figure on his playground where he sharpens his reflexes by trying to chop the flying nuts as many times as possible before they touch the ground. Use your finger like a sharp magic blade and dive into this extreme game adventure. Try to finish all the levels and increase your ninja skills by cutting all these hard skinned fruits in thousand pieces. As it is a public park there are a lot of other people playing all over the place and some little sport accident could happen here and there. For this reason you will have to pay attention to the footballs that are occasionally kicked in your direction while playing. Remember that you will not be allowed to cut the footballs into pieces, because the main rule of the park is, that, everybody has got the right to play and enjoy the day.
The only way to stop these super balls will be to try and divert them from their original path by striking them before they land on the squirrel’s poor head.


✔ High quality 3D graphics
✔ Cool voice interaction
✔ Colorful graphics and smooth animations
✔ Weather changes like snow fall, hot burning sun and thunderbolt
✔ Slicing Game with more than 20 levels to play: Super entertaining action game. Use your finger like a saber and swipe up across the screen to chop the acorns into pieces like a true sword master.
✔ Tap on the footballs to make them fly in another direction

Warning: Pay attention to not burn your finger by trying to establish a new record. If you move your finger on the screen over a certain speed for too long without any break, it could start burning slightly because of the friction between your finger and the screen.

A magic app from Kauf.com.

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