Tap The Baby

Tap The Baby
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(500 total ratings on Google Play)


Get into the fascinating world of the cutest and most overcrowded kinder garden of the planet.
You will be a lovely employee of this big kinder garden where you will have to take care of many hyper active children.
Your task is to make them feel at home and to make them sleep once in a while. The problem is that there are always new children coming into the room that want to play, run, jump, scream and just don’t want to keep quiet. Try to make these noisy babies sleep and have a sweet dream.
To make the babies sleep you will have to tap on those having the same pajama and see them disappear in a love blast. It is basically a match 3 game. The difference is that you will have to be very quick in finding the right combinations as the room is getting too narrow to keep so many babies. If you are too slow the babies will not be able to get any rest. Keep an eye on the babies light status while playing to understand if you are doing well or if the room is getting jam packed and the babies are not able to get their nap anymore.

★★★Features: ★★★

✔ Match 3 or more identical babies
✔ Colorful graphics and smooth animations
✔ 15 levels to play
✔ Realistic baby sounds
✔ Maximum points reachable with one move: 300

Useful advice: You need to match at least 3 tiny babies to get points, if you touch just 2 of them they will disappear and empty the space they occupied before, but without giving you any points.

Warning: If you touch in a place where no matching babies are, you will lose 50 points.

While you are proceeding through the levels, you will find a more and more messy room. In fact there will be toys spread all over the floor which will restrict the living space of these nice little kids, such as a ball, a colorful ring tower, a yellow duck, a green rubber hedgehog, a tender teddy bear etc. Try to master all the levels of this cute baby game and become the best nanny that this sunny kinder garden has ever had.
Use all of your love to make these tiny babies sleep and make them vanish in a sweet heart blast.

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