Music instruments and sounds

Music instruments and sounds
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(730 total ratings on Google Play)


Music instruments for kids. Children loves music. Help your child to learn the sounds and names of various instruments they encounter in their daily life using an interactive picture book. The app is made for children to help them discover instruments and sounds using interactive flash cards.

- Music instruments memory game with 3 levels
- Beautiful and eye catching pictures
- Professional pronunciation
- Simple and intuitive navigation

Full version features more images and no advertisement.

A perfect sound touch kids book with pronunciation / voice for early learning on your phone or tablet. The app is specifically designed with toddlers or babies in mind with a simple and intuitive navigation between the different pictures.

The app uses real pictures which is much easier for your baby to relate to compared to drawings or animated images.

For non native English speaking the app can be used to teach your child the sound and names of the trumpet, guitar, drums, violin, cello, harmonica, bass and thereby get a good start in learning English as second language (ESL).

We are continuously expanding the range of themes of learning apps and games for children. If you want to get the latest news on apps like us on http://www.facebook.com/kidstaticapps.

How does it work? Simple, even a baby can do it! Touch the screen with your finger and swipe to go to the next page of the book or use the big kid friendly buttons. The image will be shown and its name will be played.

Afterwards, click or tap the picture to hear the sound. Infants love to hear real music and it will help them recognize instruments (saxophone, piano, flute electric guitar etc) used in classical, rock, pop and electronic music.

We advise you to sit along with your child to enhance the learning experience or entertainment even more. Toddlers will learn the names associated with the images and stimulate their motor skills.

The app is not only for toddlers. Older kids loves to hear and learn more this subject and thereby increasing their vocabulary and possible the intelligence.

The app features carefully selected photos and has been tested on both toddlers, kids and parents.

Got any questions or ideas for improvement. Send a mail to contact@kidstatic.net. We want you to provide the best interactive learning app available.

Kidstatic aims at delivering educational apps and games for toddlers and kids in a simple and intuitive manner.

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