Waktu Solat,Azan,Kiblat,Doa

Waktu Solat,Azan,Kiblat,Doa
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(5000 total ratings on Google Play)


Waktu Solat 2014, Kiblat, Doa doa Harian, Tasbih, Asma Ul Husna, Malaikat dan Tugas tugasnya, 25 Rasul, Kalendar Hijrah, Lafaz Niat Berpuasa Ramadhan, Lafaz Solat Tarawikh dan Witir.
Prayer times 2014, Qibla, Mosque Location, Daily Doa/Dua/supplication and Tasbeeh, Asma Ul Husna, Angels in Islam, Prophets, Hijri

Addin (Prayer time / waktu solat) is an android application that give useful info to help Muslims to know Solat time and to remind Muslims to perform Solat.

★ prayer times for Muslims around the world.
★ Display the Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha and Imsak for 2014.
★ Preload Malaysia prayer times based on eSolat JAKIM.
★ Preload Indonesia prayer times based on Kementeria Agama RI.
★ Preload Singapore prayer times based on MUIS.
★ Preload Brunei prayer times base on Pusat Da''wah Islamiah Brunei.
★ Muslim World League (MWL) method.
★ Ithna Ashari method.
★ University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi method.
★ Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) method.
★ Umm al-Qura, Makkah method.
★ Egyptian General Authority of Survey method.
★ Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran method.
★ Qibla compass. The user can use to determine the Qiblah direction for prayer. It also shows you the distance to Mecca.
★ Location Mosque in your area . This app will display your location nearest mosque and it is connected with google map and navigation tool to help you to the mosque.
★ Tasbeeh counter. Easy for you to make dhikr while in the mosque, when tahajjud or anywhere.
★ Language selection, english and bahasa melayu.
★ Solat times notification.
★ Daily Supplications.
★ Share with QR code.

★ Memaparkan jadual waktu solat seluruh dunia.
★ Memaparkan waktu solat Subuh, waktu solat Zohor, waktu solat Asar, waktu solat Maghrib , waktu solatIsyak serta Imsak.
★ Waktu Solat Malaysia berdasarkan data eSolat JAKIM.
★ Waktu Solat Indonesia berdasarkan data Kementeria Agama RI.
★ Waktu Solat Singapura berdasarkan data on MUIS.
★ Waktu Solat Brunei berdasarkan data Pusat Da''wah Islamiah Brunei.
★ Kompas Kiblat.
★ Lokasi Masjid terdekat.
★ Tasbih.
★ Pilihan bahasa english atau bahasa melayu.
★ Pemberitahuan masuk waktu solat.
★ Doa Doa Harian.
★ Lafaz Niat Puasa dan Doa berbuka Puasa Ramadhan.
★ Niat Solat sunat Tarawikh dan Witir.
★ Lafaz niat solat hari raya Aidul fitri.

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