Always Battery (Icon Changer)

Always Battery (Icon Changer)
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(2000 total ratings on Google Play)


The Most Beautiful Battery Icon for Android Phone! Free!

******** Known Issue *********
- The icon disappear randomly, this is because Android system kills battery services due to low memory condition. Unfortunately, This cannot be fixed. However, the system will start killed services again automatically in a few seconds. So, you don''t have to start service by yourself.
- There are some devices that can''t place the battery icon in the notification bar..

Now you can enjoy gaming, movies, YouTube or any full screen apps without worrying about remaining power anymore with Always Battery!

Always Battery is an application which displays battery level status in percentage and icon. Always Battery is different from other battery apps/widgets, since it will not only display battery icon on notification bar or home screen as widget, but it can shows in any areas of your screen as you wish. Battery icon will stay on top screen all the time, no matter which app you are using, even full screen mode such as watching movie, gaming or using camera etc. You don’t have to close your app for just to see how long your battery will last.

Always Battery comes with many features and configurations. You can design its color, size and appearance for foreground and background as you like. So you can make your best custom battery.
You can also replace your default icon with Always Battery by placing it over the default one.

When in Full Screen, worry no more that battery icon will bother your sight on the screen. Just switch to simple mode, only battery percentage will be displayed. This will keep it least bothering your screen. To switch between Simple and Normal modes is easy, just click and hold at the battery icon.

If you don''t want to set the settings by yourself, just select the preset which included in the app, there are many beautiful presets.
If you like Always Battery, please help support by rate 5 stars!

Recent Changes :
version 2.00
- 2 default icon styles
- add many presets
- battery charging animation while plugged
- save/load setting available

version 2.10
- fixed a bug when remaining battery is lower than 5%
- add "Round Rectangle" style
- add 2 presets
- better memory usage and management
- add "Alternate Position" which will be used during 0.00 - 9.59 am. Use this option if you want to place the Always Battery icon over default battery icon but the default

version 2.11
- fix bug when sleep on some devices
- "Alternate Position" support for am/pm.
- add option to display percentage symbol (%)
- add option to change stroke width

version 2.12
- fixed auto start service for Android 4.0+

version 2.19
- added 1x1 widget, you can use this widget to toggle on/off the battery icon
- added live wallpaper (bouncing battery icon)

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