Love Academy【Dating sim】

Love Academy【Dating sim】
(5800 total ratings on Google Play)
KOYONPLETE Inc. / Simulation
Downloads: 100k
(5800 total ratings on Google Play)


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Hi there, beautiful princess. Are you ready yet?

Outstanding and talented students from around the world have
gathered together at Moulin Academy High School, a private
institution. Why was this ordinary girl attending the academy?

Beneath the fireworks at a masquerade party, an unexpected romantic
encounter takes place.

All of this is followed by a sudden and sweeeeeet proposal
under blossoming cherry trees!

She had lunch on the rooftop together with the charming boy.

Well, princess, enjoy your sweet and "dangerous" high school life,
and the everlasting memories that follow.

By the way, I am . . . umm, sorry, I can''t tell you my name yet.
See you at Moulin Academy!!


Love Academy
How to play:

This is a dating stimulation game (Otome game) you can experience on your
smart phone.
The storyline will develop according to your choices in the game.
Make your boyfriend fall for you and have your dream date by choosing
the suitable options.
Besides the story itself, there are also many images of those
sweet and "dangerous" scenes!


Love Academy
Main Characters:

Togo Gen
Goal: Composer
Genius yet grumpy. Doesn''t have many friends because he frequently
travels between Japan and other parts of the world. Extremely affluent
son of a distinguished family. Radiates a cold-hearted vibe.

Yota Ameda
Student council president
Goal: Swimming ace
Seeks perfection. Sadistic, spiteful, morally bad, and has a dual
personality. A demon student body president. Good at sports, but
loves art and literature. Persistent, hates weak people, adventurous,
yet mysterious.

Haku Shirato
Goal: Singer
Stray cat. Rarely reveals his true self. Good sense of style and is
currently a part-time model. Loves sweet things. He is good at
reading people''s mind and is therefore good at charming the ladies.
But what is he hiding beneath his mild outer personality?

Takumi Jyogasaki
Goal: Doctor
He is kind, cheerful, and loves animals, and so he is very
good at taking care of others.
He is very skillful with his hands. He protects his girlfriend like a
prince in shining armor, and gives her his love like the shining rays
of the sun. He does this because . . .

. . . plus many other interesting side characters!


Love Academy
Application Information:

The game is free!
You are free to move through the stages of the story, but your energy level (KOYON) will decrease as you advance from stage to stage.
You can replenish the same amount of KOYON as you have used by 4 o''clock in the morning (up to 20 KOYON).
Note: You can also buy KOYON at the shop. If you buy KOYON, you''ll get an extra 10 KOYON on top of the preexisting KOYON you have the next day when you automatically replenish again.


*** BoysLove -- a side story of "Love Academy" between Kanzaki, the school doctor, and Jun, TAKUMI''s younger brother, who has lived in France all his life -- is now available on Google play store ***

"Love Academy" also has Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese version.

Produced by KOYONPLETE

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