Shall we sleep? CV Dating sim

Shall we sleep? CV Dating sim
(4000 total ratings on Google Play)
KOYONPLETE Inc. / Casual
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(4000 total ratings on Google Play)


"The Seal of Lycoris" is finally available!
Suspense and Romance Novel game. Play once a day roulette to read FREE!!

★Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall we sleep?-★
The "Love Love Mode" will activate depending on how you touch him!
The one and only Sweetheart for you and just for YOU!

***** What is "Bedtime Sweetheart"? *****
Don''t you want to live with a voice actor? You can choose from a famous one, an aspiring one, or an experienced one.
They will wait for you patiently on the bed as you return from your busy everyday life.
Sometimes they will greet you with a calming voice, and sometimes you may get something exciting.
Their voices and dialogues will change depending on where and when you touch them!
Caution! If you touch them at the ''right'' places, your Sweetheart may get extremely excited and---?
Perhaps you won''t be able to sleep after all!
There are more than 250 different types of sweet dialogues to make you feel dokidoki! It''s an app that you have never seen before!

***** Characters *****
1:Ryuunosuke (Character Voice: Yuiya Hiiragi)
Everything he does will get extremely popular instantly.
Although he doesn''t speak much in day to day life, he changes his personality when he meets someone he can trust.

***Sample dialogues***
”I want to hear you say "kiss me" before you go to sleep. Come on, say it. I won''t let you sleep until you say it.”

2:Mao (Character Voice: Sakuya Hiratsuji)
His aspiration is to becoming a seiyuu, but sometimes he could act like a spoiled child.
His appeals are his appearance (looking like a kitten) and his personality (being mean from time to time).

***Sample dialogues***
"When I''m with you, I feel so...calm? No, I feel so...excited...I guess... Wait, why are you blushing? I should be the one who is blushing!"

3:Hayato (Character Voice: Tsukue Mizuki)
He is charismatic and has some very convincing acting skills.
A very kind hearted gentleman, yet there are times when something seems to be amiss with him.

***Sample dialogues***
"Hmm? Oh... Don''t do it, I can''t resist it any longer. I-I won''t be able to... Are you ready for me?"

KOYONPLETE -The most popular otomegame company from Japan-

***** More Stories await you! *****
Right now, we have visual novel (Otome Game) games in the categories of school life, first love, idols, suspense, history, comedy...etc. More stories will be added each month! Check them out when you can!

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