Brightness Battery Widget

Brightness Battery Widget
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(530 total ratings on Google Play)


App that auto-adjust screen brightness depending on battery level. It also a widget that indicates battery lavel and screen brightness. App helps to save your battery level by easily regulate brightness of your screen. Drain less power of your battery and boost your phone life using easily screen brightness regulation with this widget. It’s important to save your battery power and regulate your screen brightness level in easy manner so you can boost your phone.

- Widget that shows current battery and screen brightness status – helps to save your battery power and drain less power.

- When you click on widget lamp icon you will toggle through three options: max. brightness, min. brightness, auto brightness – regulate your brightness easily, Save power and drain less battery in a easy way using this widget.

- When you click on widget battery icon you will be back to configure screen, where you can set auto brightness and choose skin, boost your battery life and save more power thanks to auto brightness regulation using widget.

- 20 different skins!

- Custom adjust brightness depending on battery status,

- One brightness level button to have always one screen brightness,

- Support of multiple widgets number,

- Charging indicator,

Easily regulate your phone screen brightness and drain less battery – save more power. Boost your phone live by using this widget and saving battery power. Easily change screen brightness with controls on widget and drain less battery. Widget shows battery status and let you to set many different skins. What more you will be able to tell your phone battery level thanks to auto screen brightness regulation that drain less battery and saves power.

- If you have any problems with buying/bought things, please contact me through: http://reptilemobile.com/contact.php

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