IP Cam Remote with Audio

IP Cam Remote with Audio
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(860 total ratings on Google Play)


*Please note that this app works with MJPEG cameras, e.g. Foscam FI8910W. However, this app does not work well with H.264 cameras.

IP Cam Remote is a client application which allows you to connect to your IP cameras remotely from anywhere. You can use the virtual joystick to pan and tilt the camera. Pressing H-Patrol toggle button to ON will instruct IP camera to patrol horizontally. Likewise, pressing V-Patrol toggle button to ON will instruct IP camera to patrol vertically. Up to 18 IP cameras can be added to the list in the drop-down list (spinner).

Two-way audio is supported (if your IP cameras support it). Press Speaker toggle button to ON to hear the audio. Press it again to turn the audio off.
Hold Mic button to activate the microphone. Speak to your Android device to send your voice to IP camera. Release the button to deactivate the microphone.

If you hold the Mic button while Speaker button is currently activated, the Speaker will be temporarily deactivated until the Mic button is released. This is to prevent or minimize echoes.

Connection Settings dialog, Notification Setting dialog, and Screen dialog can be invoked from Android''s Context Menu.

Connection Settings dialog contains the required fields which you have to fill in before the application can connect to your IP camera remotely, assuming that IP camera has already been setup successfully in your home (or office) local network. If the Connection Settings dialog is already filled in for the currently selected slot in the drop-down camera list, the information can be removed by clicking the Clear button.

Notification Settings dialog allows you to turn the email notification on and off, assuming that your email accounts have already been specified in IP camera''s administrative setup. The “Enable Android notification” option allows a background service to be activated or deactivated on your Android device. The notification will be created and will appear in the status bar with the alert sound when your IP camera, i.e. the one selected in the main screen, detects movements even when the app is not running. The sensitivity value can be selected from the Sensitivity drop-down list, e.g. the "Highest" sensitivity makes IP camera become very sensitive in detecting any movements, which will will cause an email to be sent to your email account.

Screen/Control/Speaker Settings dialog allows you to flip the screen and the joystick control vertically and horizontally. This might be necessary in the case where your IP camera is physically mounted upside down. The "Keep Screen On" option tells your Android device to leave the screen on without going to sleep after a period of time. The “Keep Speaker On” option keeps the speaker on even when this application is put in the background (e.g. when switching to another app, when Home button is pressed, or when the screen is off).

Screen brightness and contrast (only on some IP camera models) can be adjusted by tapping anywhere in the camera''s display area to bring up the adjustment bars. Tapping the display area again will hide them. Under the low light condition, IR On button can be pressed to turn on IR LED lights, to enable the night vision. Pressing IR Off button will turn off IR LED lights.

Spread your two fingers apart to zoom in or pinch two fingers together to zoom out. Press and hold the camera screen for a few seconds to reset the zoom level.

The user can navigate to "Real-time IP Camera Monitoring System" by selecting "Go to Monitoring System" from the context menu.

Both Portrait and Landscape display modes are supported.

This application is localized in 5 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, and Thai.

Version History:
Added “Enable Android notification” option which allows a background service to be running on your Android device. The notification will be created and will appear in the status bar with the alert sound.

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