Address Book & Contacts Sync

Address Book & Contacts Sync
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


With Kylook you can keep all your contacts synced, organized and never have to worry about losing a contact again.

This new online address book allows you to sync your contacts from your PC, mobile or tablet and combine them all on one safe place. Keeping your contacts organized and up to date has never been easier.

See the video tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MKLk6JpTIU

Features of Kylook – the only online address book you’ll ever need.

- You can import all your contacts safely and securely into Kylook and only you will have access to these details.

- If you add a new contact to your mobile, Kylook automatically synchronizes this update with all your other devices removing any duplications automatically.

- If your contacts update any of their contact details, Kylook will automatically synchronize their update into your address book keeping it always up to date.

- With Kylook you can convert your personal contact details into a QR Codes to share amongst friends and contacts. Simply scanning the code they can save your details directly into their address book.

- If you lose your mobile, don''t worry. With Kylook you’ll never lose a contact again. Simply installing Kylook into the device again and logging into your account you can safely restore all your contacts.

- Kylook also allows you to create your own personal access codes to your e-Business card. These codes are called Kcodes.

- With your kcode you can share your details with whoever you wish. Instead of having to recite lengthy addresses you can just pass your kcode. You can also adjust which contact details people can see.

- By registering now with Kylook you can obtain your first Kcode for FREE.

- All your data belongs 100% to you. Kylook is in strict compliance with all data protection and security measures.

The Kylook APP is completely free and includes a wide range of functionality. Of course there are special plans for users (like business mans) that simply need MORE.
See this link for more information: http://www.kylook.com/en/app-for-free

Important: Kylook APP (Android version) sync all contacts from your local address book and Gmail contacts on your smart phone. Kylook don''t sync with the SIM card. The SIM card don''t accept all datas like photos.

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