LaPlayer light

LaPlayer light
(2300 total ratings on Google Play)
Dmitriy Lapayev / Music
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(2300 total ratings on Google Play)


The application is designed for playing and downloading audio files.

Originally "LaPlayer light" was conceived as a shell for the downloaded audio files. Frustrated by the shortcomings of the existing leading audio players, I developed my own version. Gradually the functionality has grown significantly and now it is a full-blown replacement for the built-in player.

This release includes download of the tracks from the three albums.

The main application window presents three sliding pages:
Albums, Audio Tracks, Playlists.

The application searches the data of audio files in a media database and directly in the directories of device''s external storage. For switch to the "Folder Player Mode" need a select in menu "Search Folders".

1) function to stop playback at the following events:
• incoming call,
• disconnecting the charger,
• unplugging the headset,
• unmounting the device''s external storage;
2) resume play after the phone call | after plugging in the charger (car ignition is on);
3) opening of audio files from other applications;
4) actions with playlists:
• add track to the selected playlist (long press on the item),
• add a few tracks to the playlist,
• change the playback order of tracks,
• remove selected track from the playlist,
• creating a new playlist,
• remove the playlist,
• rename playlist;
5) widget and lockscreen widget (for Android OS 4.2 and above);
6) support single-button wired headset (Headset hook: Play | Pause);
7) support multimedia headset for devices on Android 2.2 (Next, Previous, Play | Pause buttons), tested for the Nokia BH-214 (Bluetooth);
8) search feature audio tracks by title or album | artist name;
9) displaying the album art and ability to save image to the JPEG file, which saved in the directory of the album;
10) the ability to delete files from the SD Card;
11) set the selected track as phone ringtone;
12) equalizer (with gain bass boost) and visualization of audio data for devices based on Android 2.3 and above;
13) sort lists by alphabetical order (audio file name);
14) sort tracks by numbers (from Mp3Tag);
15) creating a list of all tracks;
16) rename audio files;
17) ability to share music;
18) moving application to SD card;
19) the display of the total playing time of the current tracklist | album;
20) multiple choice of audio tracks to add to the playlist;
21) shuffle tracks on the current list;
22) stop timer and the ability to stop the player''s service in the absence of light;
23) ability to change the .mp3 file tag (ID3v1, ID3v2.4), including the replacement of the cover art;
24) player control buttons in the notification (Play | Pause, Next track, Stop - for Android 4.1 and above);
25) locking screen (disable the sleep mode, backlight is on)
• mainly intended for use in the car;
• starts automatically when you turn off the screen and playing track;
26) volume control (the option is available when you long press on the "Play | Pause" button).

• Refresh the page content | switch to the current tracklist or album;
• Search Folders on an external storage, by default: "/sdcard";
• Download - display a lists of albums and tracks that are available for download;
• Artists - get a list of tracks for a selected artist;
• Genres - get a list of tracks by genre;
• Bluetooth - display Bluetooth adapter settings;
• Wi-Fi - display the Wi-Fi adapter settings.

The context menu is called long press on the control panel of the player.
Implemented sliding menu. Application is adapted for 7" and 10" tablets.

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