Roll Mania - puzzle platformer

Roll Mania - puzzle platformer
(3800 total ratings on Google Play)
Larfco / Puzzle
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(3800 total ratings on Google Play)


Roll Mania is a fun and challenging physics based puzzle platformer game about rolling.

The player can change between 3 different rolling objects at any time and must use their unique properties to roll past obstacles and reach the exit.

The player has 2 main controls, roll left and roll right. The player also has the ability to change between 3 level specific balls / rolling objects via 3 hot buttons at the bottom of the screen.

While the main objective sounds simple, there are also 2 other level specific side objectives to complete.
Side objective include:
-collecting coins
-reaching the exit within a time limit.
-not using a certain ball or rolling object
-changing shapes fewer than a specified number of times

Added google play game services achievements

Roll mania encourages the player to think about how to use the physical properties of common everyday balls / rolling objects to overcome the limitation of only being able to roll side to side and complete the level.
The overall look and feel of the game is inspired by both classic run, jump, platform games like Super Mario and more recent platformer games like Super Meat Boy.
The game is designed to be challenging while hopefully remaining fun and still be casual enough to attract a more general audience.

New objectives, mechanics and levels are planned with future updates to the game.

A bit about the game developer:
Roll mania is the first game by indie dev Stuart Chudleigh, aka Larfingshnew, aka Larf, aka Super Nintendo Chalmers, aka Angry Bird Puncher, aka Bad Piggie Spanker, aka Epic Rope Cutter, aka Tiny Wing Breaker.

This game is the developers first attempt at Programming, Art, and Sound Design for a commercial release.

Most of the sound samples used in the game are from the awesome contributors over at www.freesound.org

The music used in the game is licensed Creative Commons Zero and made by www.freesound.org contributor Axton Dylan Crolley.

Roll Mania was programmed in Lua using the awesome cross platform game dev kit "Gideros Studio"
The indie license for Gideros Studio is free and allows developers to sell their game on the Apple app store, Google Play, and the Amazon app store with the Gideros splash screen.
Professional licenses of Gideros Studio are reasonably priced, offer more support, and allow developers to export their projects without the Gideros splash screen.
For more info on Gideros Studio check visit their site http://www.giderosmobile.com/

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