Spell Gems

Spell Gems
(6500 total ratings on Google Play)
LavaMind LLC / Puzzle
Downloads: 100k
(6500 total ratings on Google Play)


Spell Gems combines the thrill of gem-matching with your favorite Word Game.

Create the right word-gem combos and unlock an avalanche of fun!

• Discover treasures and mini-games
• With each new level, your fun doubles
• Play by yourself or compete with friends
• The more gems you match, the higher you rise

Spell Gems is available on all Android TABLETS and PHONES.

You''ve never had so much fun playing a Word Game before!

★★★★★ "This is really fun game, a different words game!" Juan Cruz Martinez

★★★★★ "I like that I can play against friends." Brandon Gray

★★★★★ "Fantastic word game!" Mondo Rotondo

★★★★★ "This game is charmingly addictive." MonsterBoy3

★★★★★ "Would recommend it to everyone" Super Erick

★★★★★ "Single player and multiplayer is excellent." Mom n'' Pop

★★★★★ "Super fun and challenge word game for all ages" Clint

★★★★★ "With a new puzzle every time, the fun is endless!" Susand

Spell Gems is cross between a gem-matching game and a word puzzle game. Each spin creates an entirely new game board. Below every word is a gem. Match 3 gems or more and win big!

The combination of trying to score a gem combo while creating words adds a whole new dimension to the strategy, making it a brain-teasingly fun puzzle. It''s easy to play, but hard to master. Puzzle lovers will rejoice, while casual game players will enjoy the simplicity and excitement.

Another unique element is the mind-boggling fun levels. Each time a user makes it to a new level, they get a multiplier. At first, it''s 3x, which means their points are tripled for the next word. By level 10, it''s 10x for the next word. This means, the longer you play, the more you earn, and the more thrilling it gets.

There''s also a real-time multiplayer mode, where you can compete against friends. You can invite any friend and challenge them to a real-time multiplayer match. Or you can use the auto-match feature and play with a random player. Playing a word game with friends is so much more fun!

Spell Gems also incorporate Achievements and Leaderboards, so even if you like playing by yourself, you can silently compete to see if you''re the best.

The Achievements are truly fun, and they include things like creating the longest word, making a high score, getting 4 matches, scoring a gem combo, and much more!

In addition, there are numerous types of Powerups. The Powerups include replacing a vowel, swapping letters on the game board, or putting in a new gem to increase your odds of getting a major gem combo. The Powerups not only help you make a high score, but they help extend the life of each game board, allowing you to continue winning gem combos even after you thought you''d exhausted all the words.

We also incorporated Boosts in the game. Boosts change the game board and add a whole new element to the game playing experience. You can use the Top 1% Boost, which gives you a board that scored in the top 1% of all games. And there''s the Double Boost board, which doubles the amount of coins you earn per gem combo.

Spell Gems is unique in that it incorporates the type of strategy you would find in a crossword puzzle or brain game, with the rewards that come with playing a jewel-matching game, and the mindless fun of a casino slot machine. All this forms a unique experience, which we hope will keep you playing for months.

If you have any questions or concerns, don''t hesitate to contact us. We also have lots of other fun games available on Google Play, including Beetle Bounce and Jackpot Words. And if you like business simulation games, you have to check out LavaMind''s website at http://www.LavaMind.com

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