Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde
(2300 total ratings on Google Play)
LEVEL BIT / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 50.0k
(2300 total ratings on Google Play)


Get on board with this awesome Wild West pick-up-and-play shooter!

This is an all new cowboy side scrolling shooter game where your mission is to stay alive while killing as many undead creatures as possible. You do all this as the Wild West’s first female sheriff! She might be a hot sexy blond, but she has the biggest pistols in the West.

To aid in your quest you have five upgradable weapons, including: revolvers, a shotgun, a gatling gun, a “Freeze” bow and the all-powerful fishgun! Additionally, you have seven quirky, yet effective powerups to help you survive any sticky situations involving scary creatures and skeletons.

Take pleasure in shooting, kicking skulls and bombing tons of creatures from nightmares, such as vampires, bats, skeletons, centaurs and many more (zombies not included :) )! What are you waiting for? Hours of unobstructed blood-filled undead obliteration await!

The walking dead stand no chance against her pistols. Skulls are flying, blood is being spilled – the sexy sheriff is creepy skeletons'' worst nightmare. Dangerous old Jane will make an apocalypse in the west!

These creepy dangerous creatures from nightmares, such as skeletons, bats and other walking dead might not be zombies but they sure are annoying and dangerous.

Some great old pistols and shotguns will help this hot, sexy blond to prevent old Wild West apocalypse, spreading of creepy bats, walking dead, dangerous zombie-like creatures and end the nightmare once and for all. This dangerous blood adventure will bring out the animal in you. The apocalypse is coming!

● Five unique Wild West settings
● Over 30 levels of single player Story mode
● Five different stages in Survival mode
● Unlockable and upgradable weapons
● Special powers
● Dozens of undead monster types
● Boss fights
● Costumes
● Achievements
● Leaderboard

Here are the comments/reviews of our users:

“Excellent game with cool graphics and very nice gameplay…”
“Good for our eyes Blonde, beauty, boobs, blood, gore, zombies, gunshots, explosions, killing, frenzy. What else can a man yearn for? All in one pack. Awesome…”
“...Great graphics and fun…”
“Very well done, with a great sense of humor. Good graphics…”
“Brilliant game... One of the best android games so far…”
“Really good gameplay, fun to play, great graphics…”

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