Pet Hair Salon

Pet Hair Salon
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Libii / Casual
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(5600 total ratings on Google Play)


Boys and girls, how much do you love little pets? Undoubtedly most of you will shout “Very very much”! If you love cute pets very much, then do you want to design creative and unique hairstyles for them by yourself and make them look more lovely? Do you want to try a fresh and distinctive barber game? If all your answers are YES, you’ll absolutely feel crazy about our Libii’s latest special launch ----- Pet Hair Salon!!!

In this amazing new app, you can enjoy a brand-new experience of being a hairstylist, for our characters are not people and monsters, they are 4 lovely pets: naughty puppy, sweet kitten, cool monkey, and cute bunny!

Here you can do a lot of things on the pet’s hair with different tools, such as wash, dry, blow, comb, cut, shave, trim, straight, curl, and color, meanwhile, you can still have plentiful decorations and props to put, not only on the hair, but also on the pet’s face and head, such as interesting accessories, attractive glasses, awesome hats and so on. After that, you can also choose the beautiful clothes for the pets, thus you’ll finally have an perfect pet. Moreover, this app has a new function ----- Contest, after you design its hairstyle and decorate it ready, you can send your pet to us, and every week we’ll pick the most creative pets from yours, then show them to all players on this app’s homepage as awards.

So, if you really feel interested and excited about such a hairstyling game related to pets, please do not hesitate any more, join us, and start your amazing barber journey in Pet Hair Salon!!!

How To Play:
Open Pet Hair Salon, choose a little pet you like to start the game. You can cut the pet’s hair by using scissors, trimmer, or shave knife directly, or you can choose to wash, dry and blow hair before cutting, besides, if you think the hair is too short, you can elongate it by using the hair restorer. After you are satisfied with the pet’s hair length and shape, you can use the curling iron ( hair curler) or the hair straightener to make the hair more stylish. Then, you can choose one or more color sprays to make the hair more pretty. At last, you can choose the accessories you like to put on the pet’s hair, face or head to make it more funny, also you can put a pretty clothes on the pet to make it more lovely. After all these process, you can enjoy your pet’s new image but don’t forget to take a snapshot for your cute pet!

· 4 cute pets to choose from (naughty puppy, sweet kitten, cool monkey, and cute bunny)
· Choose from shampoo, shower, towel, and hair dryer to wash the pet’s hair
· Choose hair restorer to elongate the pet’s hair
· Choose comb to model the pet’s hairstyle
· Choose different tools to cut the pet’s hair, such as scissors, trimmer, and shave knife
· Choose from curling iron, straightener, and crimper to make the pet’s hair more stylish
· Plentiful color sprays to choose from, you can use one color or combined them to make the pet’s hair more fashionable
· A huge variety of decoration items to choose, including interesting hair accessories, attractive glasses, awesome hats and so on
· Several pretty clothes to choose for the pet
· Pets will have funny expressions and sounds when you are styling them
· 3 lovely backgrounds with matched music to choose
· Send your creative pets to us to attend the contest and the picked ones will show on this app’s homepage weekly
· Take a photo with your cute pet together
· Share your cute pets via Facebook or E-mail with just one click
· Snapshots of your pets can be saved in your photo album
· Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

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