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Battery Optimizer and Widget
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Linpus Battery Optimizer is a fully featured battery management and optimization tool. It approaches boosting the time you can use your battery for from several different angles, reaching deep into your system to provide info on the functions and applications that are consuming most of your battery, methods to control these battery consuming apps; and, in addition, power management plans that allow you with confidence to extend your battery life and know exactly how long you can use your device for.

Say thanks: thanks to Ezequiel D.C who translates spainish version for linpus battery.
Decir gracias: gracias a Ezequiel DC que traduce la versión en español.

Key Features

Quickly view power consumption stats, choose a power plan and clear apps in memory.

Memory Management
Boost battery life by cleaning memory, setting include creating a list of apps to ignore, reminders adjusted by proportion of memory.

Power consumption stats
View present and total usage history for applications, wake locks and hardware.

Power usage plans
Has Balanced, Power Save, Super Save, Night and User Custom modes

Time left per app
Linpus Battery Optimizer intelligently monitors battery usage for each app over time to calculate and instantly update the length of time you can use an app for before the battery is drained. For example, want to watch a movie, it will look at how much battery you have left and estimate how many hours before the battery dies. You can therefore plan if you can watch all the movie or not, or you need to close other apps or charge.

Application management UI
Linpus Battery Optimizer lets you not only see which app is using the most power, but let you kill it immediately without having to go to another panel like so many battery apps.

Charging Stages
Has Trickle, Fast and Full Charge stages. Many batteries appear to be full, the Trickle option means you squeeze an extra little juice into your battery before you unplug.

Intelligent power saving
Can automatically disable wireless connectivity when your battery gets below a certain percentage

A full list of features is below:

Battery Info:
- Show battery health and temperature.
- Show time estimation and percentage for battery usage.
- Show time estimation and percentage for charging.
- Show battery life for different scenarios, e.g. standby, call, video & music playback, web surfing and so on.
- Supports learning mechanism to adjust time estimation dynamically.

- Supports fast charge, full charge and trickle charge.
- Show tips for different charging stages.

- Show instant power consumption for each app with ranking.
- Can kill an app from the app list.
- Show instant power consumption for hardware components with rankings.
- Can adjust the setting for each hardware component.

Power Plan:
- Supports three pre-defined modes: Balanced, Power Save, and Super Save modes.
- Records initial settings to User Custom mode.
- Users can set values as they like for all modes.
- Show time estimation for each mode.

Intelligent Power Saving:
- Can automatically switch to another mode when the power is lower than a certain threshold.
- Can automatically disable all connectivity when the battery goes below a certain threshold.

Battery Widget:
- Show battery percentage on battery widget.
- Supports quick switch panel.
- Supports one tap to clear system memory (smart clear).

- Provides useful power saving and battery maintenance tips.
- Show notification when the battery is fully charged.
- Show notification when the battery is lower than a certain threshold.
- Show battery icon on status bar.
- Show battery info in notification area.

Linpus Battery Optimizer has been tested on all latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4, HTC Desire S and so on. Please feel free to contact us if your device is not supported.

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