Traditional Chinese Keyboard

Traditional Chinese Keyboard
(13.926k total ratings on Google Play)
Linpus Technologies, Inc. / Productivity
Downloads: 1.0M
(13.926k total ratings on Google Play)


Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard has the fastest reaction time and most accurate prediction of any Traditional Chinese Android keyboard, learning and getting smarter as you type. It is one of the most popular traditional Chinese keyboards on Google Play with downloads over 1,000,000.

Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard can predict your next word faster and more accurately than other keyboards because of its huge dictionary of words and Linpus'' exhaustive testing of word patterns. In addition, when you start to type the last part of Linpus'' work kicks in as Linpus Keyboard then starts to learn from the words you personally use to make that prediction even more accurate.

But Linpus Traditional Chinese keyboard is not just the most accurate it is also the most fun, most complete in terms of input methods, and customizable. It has its own full featured handwriting solution, a gesture typing solution; T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng and Canjie input; re-size keyboard options, and many different themes to choose from.

Latest version

Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard has been massively improved and updated in this edition. Next word prediction is now more accurate and faster and the handwriting engine is new. In addition, Linpus has added a number of great paid features which are automatically activated as a 30 day free trial.

Paid features:

Tablet users - Keyboard can be moved to new place for more convenient typing.

Physical keyboard  Attach by bluetooth any physical keyboard for input and prediction.

More themes - Three new themes: Pure black, Pure purple and Brown leather.

Full screen handwriting - Can now choose full screen to write words.

Fast editing - Tap on any word in your message to select and send back to the candidate bar for editing and re-selection.

A full list of features is below:

Amazingly accurate prediction that learns and gets better the more you type
Innovative gesture typing solution
New improved handwriting engine
More ways to select sub-menu items – As well as long press can now swipe on a key
One tap to select and send typed words to prediction on bar for editing
Splittable keyboard
Mixed English and Chinese input in one keyboard
Most extensive set of input methods for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese: T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng and Cangjie
Edit the words memorized in your dictionary
Pannable prediction bar
Emotion symbol support
Arrow keys (cursor up and down and move around)
Improved Zhuyin and Pinyin spelling modification
Multiple skins and themes
Resize keyboard option
Long press to get comma, period, question mark and exclamation mark on first screen
Exhaustive list of colloquial words
Easy to use 9 square grid digital box instead of symbol layout for easy word editing

1.Fix issue that some smart phone use our keyboard, shutdown and then reboot, system back to built-in default IME ;
2.Fix issue that MTK6592 contact search box cannot input Zhuyin & Cangjie;
3.Fix issue that application "Clash Clans" cannot input Zhuyin & Cangjie in its input box;
4.Fix issue that Gmail receiver input box cannot input Zhuyin & Cangjie;
5.Fix issue that Backup & Restore words library will disappear sometimes after remove IME app;
6.Fix issue that Zhuyin sliding feature is not accurate from ㄔleft to ㄈ、ㄐ、ㄊ;

Note: Long press the "Earth" button can quickly switch the keyboard which you need. Long press the "Enter" key can quickly into keyboard setting and switch other IME.

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