AW: The space war has begun

AW: The space war has begun
(880 total ratings on Google Play)
Livezen / Arcade
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(880 total ratings on Google Play)


☆★☆★ Top 10 Rank of 30countries of all over the world ★☆★☆


"AstroWings - The space war has begun" is an exciting air combat style shooting game with awesome sound, graphics and visual effects.

*New Survival Mission - Endless Mode
*Upgrading Time Attack - Many of patterns in enemies

========== Renewal information =========
* Replace the image plane three species
* A total of 72 sound effects greatly enhanced by applying an impact and engagement.
* Touch operability and reaction optimization
* Options available multi-touch of a button
* Support the latest IOS version
* Game speed optimization
* Normal mode level balancing

- Fighter control: Touch and move
Fighters move by equal spaces following touching fingers.
You can use your right or left hand in turn.
You can control fighter with two fingers naturally in turn, because later touching finger is followed when two fingers touch at the same time.

- Use item: Button touch or triple touch
You can use various items during the play by touching the ‘ITEM’ button or by triple touching (touching any place three times in a row) if you mapped the item in the triple touch through an option.

- Change weapon: Button touch or triple touch
You can change weapon in real time during the play by touching ‘CHANGE WEAPON’ button or by triple touching if you mapped ‘CHANGE WEAPON’ function in the triple touch.

* 9 stages having increasing level of difficulty
* many enemy Types
* 4 levels of upgrade and 6 kind of weapons
* awesome graphics, visual effects and sounds
* 4 levels of difficulty
* 3 modes of special time attack
* on the final 9 stage meet strongest enemy king
* easy control by touch & move
* ranking check: compete with players from all around the world


▶ AstroWings Series
AstroWings: The space war has begun
AstroWings: Space War
AstroWings: ICARUS


Not supporting resolution below 320x480

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