mCouple - Mobile Tracker

mCouple - Mobile Tracker
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(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


You and your partner are madly and love and want to be closer than ever before? Overtime work and business trips often prevent you from seeing each other? mCouple is a mobile tracker that can help you stay in touch 24/7!
The cell phone couple tracker for mutual monitoring can be used as:
1. GPS tracker - share your locations with each other. You can easily find out each others current location of the target phone..
2. Contacts tracker - get access to each other’s Phone Book. Logs in every entry in the target device''s address book, which can be viewed via your phone.
3. SMS tracker* - check each other’s text messages. View every text message sent/received by the partners device.
4. Call tracker* - Monitor & log calls and call history.
5. Facebook tracker - read Facebook chats. Mobile tracker can keep you informed about all Facebook chats. You can read messages exchanged with other FB users.
With our couple tracker you’ll have peace of mind since you’ll always know where your boyfriend or girlfriend is and what they are doing. You will make sure your sweetheart is safe at all times. No secrets will stand between you two due to our mobile tracker.

To start SMS tracking /Call tracking / GPS tracking / Facebook tracking you need:
1) Download and install this couple tracker app onto your phone.
2) Register your mCouple account and get personal ID. Your partner should do the same.
3) To start mobile tracking you should sent request on your partner’s phone using personal ID of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. (check it on the personal information page)
3) Start mutual monitoring! (Wait few minutes for updates and enjoy SMS tracking, Call tracking, GPS tracking, Facebook tracking features in real time)

Remember that you can access Calls*, SMS logs*, Contacts, GPS Locations, FB chats straight from your own phone. All information is mutually shared with your partner so he/she will be able to monitor location, spy text messages, track calls and use it like Facebook spy.
* Not available if your partner uses iOS device.

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