Smart Speller Dutch (Kids)

Smart Speller Dutch (Kids)
(96 total ratings on Google Play)
Lemberg Solutions / Education
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(96 total ratings on Google Play)


Learning to ★★★spell in Dutch★★★ has never been so much fun with the new Smart Speller Dutch from EduKidsApps!

Entertaining way to learn alphabet, develop basic spelling skills and become a master of pronunciation: your child will hear the SOUND EACH LETTER MAKES (not the name of the letter in alphabet), and the proper pronunciation of the words.

Special thanks to John Damen for his help and exceptional support in creating the app (translation and voiceover).

Please note: this is a lite version of the game: with one category open to try it out before buying the full version through in-app purchase.

★★★First words★★★ With its 80 original pictures across 7 categories (numbers and colours, fruit & veg, vehicles, farm animals, shapes, body parts), the game is played by tapping a moving object and then completing a word puzzle. The word selection features basic and most common words from each category, thus enriching the child’s vocabulary.

★★★Storyline★★★ To grasp and hold the child’s attention, the game has an interesting story that kids will love. Your children will be amazed by their quest to return seven colours of the rainbow to the sun by completing word puzzles correctly.

★★★Alphabet practice★★★ What makes it even more fun and educational is the app’s audio feature - every time you press any of the letters to complete a puzzle, that letter is pronounced. This way, apart from learning to spell, the child also learn to pronounce letters of the alphabet correctly.

★★★Word pronunciation★★★ Each time a kid taps on a picture of an object, it’s name is pronounced. This can work as a hint for medium and difficult complexity levels. After a puzzle is completed, the word is pronounced. This means that not only visual skills are involved, but rather an interaction of visual and auditory skills takes place.

★★★Skill development★★★ This game helps kids to develop a whole range of skills: motor skills and hand-eye coordination, visual and auditory skills, language and pronunciation skills, problem solving skills.

This simple to use and effective interactive learning game was created by parents for parents to help their children learn to correctly pronounce and spell words and letters.
Thanks to its three levels of complexity (with hints, without hints and with extra letters), SmartSpeller will be exciting for kids to complete over and over again, moving to the next level as they grow up and learn.

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