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Lucid Dreaming App
(800 total ratings on Google Play)
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(800 total ratings on Google Play)


The app monitors sleep when placed on your mattress and plays subtle voice reminders in REM, helping you achieve lucidity. After a few nights you will have enough information to properly configure the app for reminder delivery in REM.

Current release is Open Beta. Please help me iron out the bugs by submitting bug reports on the website. The app will only get better.[Some phones are not supported :(]

The app is completely free and is built by a lucid dreamer for lucid dreamers. It will stay free, no gimmicks, as it has only one purpose in mind – to make you lucid… And it works!

Sound gets integrated into your dream’s content, so you may hear one of the dream characters telling you that you are dreaming, producing a D.I.L.D. Or your reminder may wake you up in REM, so you can reenter the dream using D.E.I.L.D or other dream reentry techniques. This app is not an alarm clock, its better!

Here''s how this app is different from the rest of lucid dreaming apps:

1)It tracks sleep through actigraphy, similarly to "Sleep as An Droid" or "Smart Alarm Clock", except it uses activity information to play reminders for lucid dreaming, helping you hear the reminders when you are most susceptible – in REM!

2)The app makes it very easy to mark a dream, lucid dream or an awakening. Over the course of several days, these marks will help you find where your REM episodes are. And it only takes a few seconds to enter the mark using a gesture. Knowing when you enter REM will help you better adjust your LD induction techniques.

3)The app has a comprehensive history feature –the app is loaded with information and history helps you mix and match up to 7 graphs and see them on the same plot. This is very useful, as it lets you see when your dreams are taking place. Is it 3AM or 4AM? With Lucid Dreaming App you may find out!

4)The app is smart - it can use information from past nights to help you adjust its settings. Did you make changes? You can reload old data and see where the app would''ve played the reminders with current settings.

5)You can customize anything from the color of the clock to activity thresholds used in REM prediction to REM periods themselves. And you may record your own reminder or use the one you already have.

6)As the world’s most SuperAdvanced sleep tracker, the app uses Science! In fact, it uses 2x as much Science as you might expect! The app takes care of calibrating itself and filtering out ambient noise to accurately distinguish between your movements and noise. This results in accurate and useful sleep statistics(using well established sleep scoring algorithm). Use these statistics on your journey towards improving the quality of your sleep. Find the best time to go to sleep, best awakening time to maximize your restful sleep. Or use the extra hours of sleep for more LD induction. The choice is yours!

The goal of the lucid dreaming app is to make you lucid. I know that annoying voice reminders at random points throughout the night are not helpful! This is why I aim for quality over quantity. Check out the screenshots and see how close the voice reminders are played to dreams. In fact, some of the dreams were recorded due to awakening by the reminder! This is REM right there!

When a reminder is played, you may be sure that an REM period is close (when properly configured). This means you can try WILD or reenter a dream through DEILD technique. These techniques produce the longest, most spectacularly clear lucid dreams that can ever be experienced.

You can disable the sound reminders completely and use the app as a free Actigraph (500$ value) to test the effectiveness of your own LD induction techniques. Use built-in graphs to see how the dietary supplements you take affect your sleep – do they make you toss and turn whole night or sleep like a baby? Now you may find out!

Spread the word and happy dreaming!

Complete terms of use are available on the website

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