KLets - Voice control (Test)

KLets - Voice control (Test)
(460 total ratings on Google Play)
Luca De Petrillo / Productivity
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(460 total ratings on Google Play)


Offline voice recognition finally available on Jelly Bean! More info here http://goo.gl/BQBh8

This TEST version of KLets has been made to allow you to test the application compatibility with your phone! Check the actions list for what is available in the TEST version!!!

KLets primary goal is to allow you to use your Android™ phone when you can''t touch or watch it, or when it is better to not do so!

It has been built on top of Voice-Recognizer and Text-To-Speech hand-free features of Android™, and it has been designed to have near zero screen interactions, in order to be fully controlled by voice.

It is currently developed in English and Italian. However, it is also designed to be easily translated to new languages, and German, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean and Swedish translations are already available thanks to contributors. Beta and incomplete translations are also available for Chinese and Hungarian.
If you want to contribute on KLets translations, just visit http://goo.gl/Gu6mm , and, if you would like to ask for a translator account or for an access to the beta version, just fill in this form http://goo.gl/vRwlA (translators and beta testers will get a free access to the full feature version)

Depending on your equipment, you can start KLets by a long press on the physical search button, by pressing the green button on the application main screen, by pressing the button for voice calls of an Hands-Free Bluetooth device (it must be compatible with your phone) and, using third part applications, by using the button of wired headphones (check the how-to at http://goo.gl/MOKdq ).

This TEST version of KLets can:
- Call a contact requiring manual call start on the phone
- Send a message to a contact requiring manual message send on the phone
- Tell you the current date and time
- Tell you what you can say and how

Installing the week trial license or the full version, KLets will be also able to:
- Call a contact or an arbitrary phone number in hands free mode
- Send a message or an email to a contact in hands free mode
- Start playing of a song, a playlist, an album or all songs from an artist (supports only local phone media; playlists, albums and artists media playing works only with Google Music Player, PowerAMP, Music PlayerPro and Winamp)
- Manage missed calls and unread messages
- Start the navigator to a destination or a contact with an address (using Google Navigator or Sygic)
- Stop the navigator (it works only with Google Navigator using an hack, so it may not works on all phones)
- Start an application
- Add an event to the calendar (not available for Chinese)
- Add an alarm (not available for Chinese)
- Tell you the current date and time
- Execute a tasks defined in Tasker
- Listen for text copied into the clipboard
- Create a note inside Evernote
- Tell you the battery or signal status
- Tell you what you can say and how
- Call a contact with Skype

Every activation phrases of every command can be customized inside KLets options, in order to best meet your personal needs.

For common problems with bluetooth, license, voice recognition and others, please check the FAQ: http://goo.gl/9rqNN

Remember that KLets uses Voice Recognition technologies provided by Android phones (usually it is Google Voice Search, but alternative voice recognition engines can be used, like Vlingo), and that most engines require an internet connection (for example, Google Voice Search requires it, but on Jelly Bean phones it can configured to work in offline mode).

If you have any question, trouble or advice, please contact me by email or through the support forum at http://goo.gl/b4wp0 , and remember to take a look at the application web site for latest news and info.

IMPORTANT: Russian users could need to install a Text-To-Speech engine for their language, because Russian phones usually miss it. Please look for it on play store with a search like this http://goo.gl/33QVj

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