ProjectY RTS 3d -public beta-

ProjectY RTS 3d -public beta-
(3800 total ratings on Google Play)
LuminenceLabs / Strategy
Downloads: 100k
(3800 total ratings on Google Play)


Important info: If you find bugs or annoying things or if you want to suggest changes, improvements or whatever you are invitied to open a new discussion in the forum on the website! This will help to make the game more fun!

This is the first official beta-test of ProjectY.

ProjectY is a realtime strategy game with focus on unit tactis and not base building. Goal of the game is to capture the sector with the enemy headquarter. By capturing sectors the player gains the influence on factories producing units.

All maps and later on the campaign can be played as single player or split screen multiplayer (very nice on tablets) or network multiplayer (LAN or Internet).

The public beta contains the tutorial and the free single-/multiplayer maps "Deadly Desert" and "Operation Outback". Who wants to support the development of the game should purchase one of the four available additional maps (which will then still be unlocked in the release version later on).

The release version will contain a campaign, more maps and additional units and buildings.

Bug-reporting please by eMail to the developer. Google breakpad is included and stores bug reports and mini dumps on the device which can be submitted by request.

Please note that this is a beta, so the game will probably crash sometimes - bear that in mind when you post feedback and give a rating. Furthermore please note that very frequent updates (sometimes every day) will be made available for download.

About required permissions:
- "full network access" and "view network connections": Required by network multiplayer, map downloads and Google Play In-App-Purchase
- "modify or delete the contents of your USB storage" and "test access to protected storage": Required for savegames, options, downloadable content
- "read accounts": Required to read your account name which is used as your unique id (encrypted) to store your profile (score, games played, achievements, ...)
- "vibrate": Required for the vibration notification when a player joins a server while the app is in background (so you don''t have to wait in game for other players)

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