Find It 2™ Find the Difference

Find It 2™ Find the Difference
(5600 total ratings on Google Play)
MadRabbit / Puzzle
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(5600 total ratings on Google Play)


The number 2 edition of the most popular find the difference game, Find It ™! This is the ANIMAL EDITION.

Find It is a great puzzle game to test your observation . Compare 2 images and find ,search and discover 4 differences between the photo pair. That is the goal. Try the most loved game on Android. Improve your observation skills; exercise your brain while playing this deluxe game. To set high scores, finish the levels faster. If you are stuck then use a maximum of 3 hints by pressing the magnifier. Score more and win big!

★ Animal is part of our Find It collection of 5 editions. Each edition has it''s own set of photos so also download these if you''re looking for new photo packs.

This edition has pictures containing lots of different animals. Hunt for differences in beautiful photo pairs of amazing wild animals like tigers, lions, elephants and bears. But also the cutest pets like dogs, it''s puppies and cats.

Find It games features:
★ Lots of classic levels
★ Free game
★ No ads on the game board page
★ Hint system
★ Share on social networks
★ Save to SD on Froyo +
★ Global High Scores BETA with Scoreloop

All Find It editions have a excellent rating from all it''s users. Users rate our games with a average of +4 STARS! This makes it one of the best find the difference games in the Play Store!

When the game starts you will see 2 photos which are almost the same. But these 2 photos will have 4 little differences. Find these differences before the time runs out. Press on the difference to highlight it. The faster you finish a level, the higher your score. Caution, when you press the wrong spot, you will lose time. You will also have 3 free hints which you can use. Use the hints whenever you like.

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