Friend Tracker (Facebook)

Friend Tracker (Facebook)
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(570 total ratings on Google Play)


**** Facebook has re-enabled the app but b/c it did not comply with their policies of creating negative user experience (by telling you who unfriended you) I had to take that feature out. So this app no longer tells you who unfriended you. Wish that wasn''t the case but nothing I can do about it, sorry.

Main Features:
Track friend added
Track relationship status changes (married, single...)
Track birthdays
Will remember information for different Facebook accounts.

Track multiple Facebook accounts. For a family member or friend that doesn''t have an Android phone. Or if you have multiple Facebook accounts you want to keep track of. Just log out and log in as the new user. If you have the Facebook app installed and don''t want to log out of that one, just go to preferences and uncheck "use SSO".

Also track relationship status changes. Showing the relationship status of your friends in the current list. In preferences can uncheck it so will not alert you when a status was changed.

Showing birthdays (and age) for those that chose to share the information.

App will NO LONGER track or try to determine if the removed friend just unfriended you, blocked you or had their account deactivated for some reason.

You can backup the database and save the friended and unfriended lists. It will save the database on the SD card so you can back it up and if you reset or get a new phone you can restore it.

Whatever feedback you can give me I''d appreciate it. You can email me at dev@majicapps.com or leave a comment here or on the Facebook page. Thanks.

Friend Tracker is an application that was made specifically for keeping track of your friends on facebook and to see in detail which of your friend added you.

Each time you run the application you will see if there is a change to the total number of friends. If there is a change you will get a total of the friends that added you.
You have an option of getting the list of names from the last time you ran the application, a list of new friends and another list of friends that added you.
When you first log in to Friend Tracker the first screen will have the total number of your friends you currently have. Next time you run the application, if there are any changes, it will show you a total number of those that added you.

After installation, click on the login button and log into Facebook with your username and password, if asked.
The first screen will show a summary of total friends. Next time you run the app, if there are any changes to your number of friends there will be a total number showing the friends that were added or removed and the phone will vibrate. To get a detail of the new friends just swipe the screen right or left (4 screens total) or click on the new changes and it will take you to that detailed screen. When you click on a friend in the detailed screen it will take you to their Facebook profile page.

There is a summary screen and 4 lists (screens): Removed Friends, Added Friends and the full Current Facebook friend list and their relationship status and a birthday list. The full friend list might not be complete because of the way Facebook tracks a friend. The number you see in the app might be a bit lower.

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