Duplicate Contacts & Utilities

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities
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Sunil D M / Personalization
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Contacts Utility - A Very Simple app to deal with your Duplicate Contacts Problems and Excellent other Utilities , You don’t need to read a manual to use this neither no any tutorial exists, Its a kids play and runs like an Lamborghini..

It is power packed with 14 awesome features. I have made only 3 as pro features just to retain the application quality and up gradation. Hope you understand the time spent on it, 27th Version is running now .
Please go to tips sections below, before using this app.


1. Duplicate Contacts Detector: (FREE Feature)
This is more like a dashboard screen, Gives you clear figures after analyzing all your contacts. Detects all kinds of duplicates contacts on your phone, Country Codes are also considered for Duplicates Identification

2. Duplicate Contacts Remover – Exact Duplicates :( PRO Feature)
Removes Exact Duplicate Contacts, Ignoring country codes and Spaces in Between
Ex – Tony (9999999999), Tony (+1 9999999999), Tony (999 999 9999) are considered duplicates

3. Duplicate Contacts Remover - Number Based : (Free Feature)
Same Contact Number stored in different Names? No problem, it’s solved. Here you have an option remove the duplicate name and retain the correct name of your choice
Ex – Tony (9999999999), John (9999999999), John Tony (+1 999 999 9999)

4. Duplicate Contacts Remover - Name Based : (Free Feature)
Same Contact Name having different Numbers. This is also handled. Option to select and retain the correct Name - Number combination
Ex – Tony (9999999999), Tony (8888888888) (You can delete one contact in this Feature)

5. Duplicate Contacts Remover – Merge Number Based : (PRO Feature)
This is for a similar detection as above where same Contact Number stored in different Names. But in this feature instead of removing the other numbers you can MERGE it and retain both numbers in a single contact
Ex – Tony (9999999999), Tony (8888888888) (You can merge both as single contact in this Feature)

6. Remove Unused Email Contacts : (Free Feature)
Usually when you sync your android phone with Gmail or Microsoft outlook all email contacts from those accounts sits as contacts on your phone, This feature allows you to remove them
Ex – Blue Dart Courier (bdcourier@bluedart.com), HRORACLE (hr@oracle.com)

7. Remove Duplicate Email Contacts : (Free Feature)
On Demand from Customers we have added option to Remove Duplicate email contacts
Ex – Blue Dart Courier (bdcourier@bluedart.com), Blue Dart Courier (bdcourier@bluedart.com)

8. Remove Duplicates With In a Contact : (Free Feature)
It happens that you have same number or email stored in a same contact multiple times, those duplicate DATA will be removed in this feature
Ex – Tony (Mobile: 9999999999, Mobile: 9999999999), John (Email Home: home@gmail.com, email Home: home@gmail.com,).

9. Delete Invisible and Empty Contacts : (Free Feature)
It sometimes happens that on sync from your email account, you see lot of contacts which has nothing but only name. No Number or Notes or anything. This Feature helps you remove those junk contacts
Ex – Tony (), John ()

10. Import Contacts : (Free Feature)
If you have an EXCEL with contact names and Numbers. Just save that excel as CSV and load it through this feature, now all of them are your android contact

11. Export Contacts : (Free Feature)
Cleaned all your contacts? Cool, Why not store them as PDF or Excel and take a printout.

12. What More Feature you need? : (Free Feature)
We are always ears …. What other features are you looking for, Please help us understand what we can add here to make it more effective, If we add that feature, We will give you pro features for Free ..

13. Contacts Remover : (Free Feature)
Delete Selected all contacts on your phone?. This Feature is ready for that..

14. Application Feedback/Comments : (Free Feature)
There is lot of effort put here, Any issue drop a mail and we will fix it asap, Esle Support us please by 5 Star Rating

Love you all..

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