Taiwan MRT and City Play Map

Taiwan MRT and City Play Map
(440 total ratings on Google Play)
Mark App design / Transportation
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(440 total ratings on Google Play)


Taipei and Kaohsiung MRT map + all Taiwan Attractions Map=fun of traveling in Taiwan.

The wind in Taipei, mixed with respiratory 6,000,000 population,
dancing in seemingly orderly calm metropolitan area.
there is easily accessible by underground rapid transit network,
Here are a wide variety kinds of things, department, stores, art, tea shop ...
Taipei MRT is like a person''s artery to sustain human life.

this app is include a lot of free map in Taiwan:
1. Taipei MRT Route Map.
2. Taipei MRT Route Map-lite version.
3. Kaohsiung MRT Route Map.
4. Taiwan Railway Map.
5. Taiwan Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Map.
6. Taiwan Freeway Map.
7. Taiwan impressing coso map.
8. Taichung City Play Map
9. Hsinchu City Play Map
10. Taoyuan Play Map.
11. KeeLung Play Map.
12. Taiwan Coso Map.
13. Taiwan 14 Treasure Map.
more than 73 offline map.

when you take the MRT, you must meet this situation: a station stop over but do not know where is it and what is the fun attractions here?
with this app. you even don''t need to keep nervous and closer to the door to grab look the only MRT map. Everyone eyes will focus on you.
you can keep elegant and play in the Taipei and Kaohsiung smart.

I add description in chinese and english as possiable.
the app is designed for user can see the map without complex operation step.

other maps are also very useful if you are living or traveling in taiwan.
In particular, this app include a Coso map that has some humor.
if you travel in taiwan,you can follow the impression of map to get some special experience.

so, the app are :
1: Lightweight, start app very fast, high-resolution map. when you exit the program, it will automatically release the using memory of app.

2.google map support: can show where you are, attention to use this feature you need to enable network connection and gps.

>>If you like this app, please give feedback in google play and if some trouble is occurred, if you occur ANR issue, please also upload bug data following Google play indication. Your feedback are my app design power

>>If we want to join the attractions you find , you also can email me and it will be added in next version.

In addition, someone willing to invest me to set up an app design corp.?
I have some idea but no money and manpower to implement it.

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