Power Scheduler

Power Scheduler
(290 total ratings on Google Play)
Stephen McMeel / Productivity
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(290 total ratings on Google Play)


The Power Scheduler is an app designed for the Android OS. This app will allow you to manage and schedule when features such as Wi-Fi, Data (EDGE), Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode will Turn ON/OFF. You will also be able to schedule the brightness on your phone. For example, you might want to set your brightness to 10% at night and 70% during the day. This app will do that for you automatically and will save your battery life.

Changed the label "Data (EDGE)" to "Data (APN)" to more accurately
reflect what is actually happening. There has been some confusion from
users (see most recent review) as to what this feature is actually
doing. The app is actually not altering EDGE, 3G, or 4G settings. Due
to android limitations, the app cannot (programmatically) turn off
Data in the same way a user would so instead it disables your Access
Point Name (APN) connection information (i.e. the phones Data Network
login information for your carrier). This removes your carriers data
network and has the effect of disabling data (including the battery
savings), however, data has not strictly been disabled (only your APN
settings have been). Therefore, if you disable data with this app,
manually re-enabling data outside the app using the OS Mobile Network
settings will not work as expected. If data has been disabled with
this app, the best way to re-enable data is to use the apps manual
Data switch or Data schedule.

Apologies for any confusion caused, please note that this app is only
week old and we''re constantly looking to improve the user experience.
Please email me or comment on the facebook page if you have any
suggestions or comments. Also, if the app is not working for you,
please contact me with your issues before leaving a negative rating
and I''ll do my best to fix the problem.

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