Amazing Animal Puzzle LITE

Amazing Animal Puzzle LITE
(250 total ratings on Google Play)
McPeppergames / Education
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(250 total ratings on Google Play)


♥♥♥♥♥ The Top #1 safe and kid-friendly animal fun puzzle for kids and toddlers from age 0 to 6 with lovely designed animals NOW available for Android! ♥♥♥♥♥

Play three puzzles for free in the LITE version of this game without any ads! If your kid likes the game you can get a lot more puzzles with the normal version!

When you purchase the full version you will get future puzzle content updates for free!

Please note that McPeppergames apps for kids are developed by pedagogs and tested by children before they get published in the store. We believe in quality and safe playing and that''s why McPeppergames apps and puzzle games are ADD FREE!

The Amazing Animal Puzzle For Kids And Toddlers is a puzzle for little children to have fun while playing and learning. Your kid can learn develop good motoric functions and logic thinking by playing the puzzle. Finishing puzzles always is rewarded in the game, so your kid have a motivation to play the puzzles.

The animals in the game are cute and funny and your kid will have a lot of fun playing the game.

Here are some of the features of the Amazing Animal Puzzle:
(Please note the LITE version only includes a small part of this features! To get the full version of the game please take a look at all McPeppergames in the Google Play store! Thank you!)


10 puzzles for all ages! (More coming in updates!)
12 different animals!
The puzzle pieces placement is changing with every new session, so the game will be exciting forever!
Easy to learn and control!
The game helps your kid develop good motoric functions!
Includes a minigame (ape-bubbles)!

You don''t need to buy a ''real'' expensive shape or jigsaw puzzle again! You also never need to look for those missing pieces everywhere again! :)

If you have a question, want to send us feedback or suggestions, please let us know and write an email to: info@mcpeppergames.com

Thank you for playing!

Please note: Voting for The Amazing Animal Puzzle For Kids And Toddlers will help us create more games for your kid and also will help us develop more content for the game.

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