Steampunk GO Locker Theme

Steampunk GO Locker Theme
(780 total ratings on Google Play)
mindseed design / Personalization
Downloads: 100k
(780 total ratings on Google Play)


This GOLocker Steampunk Theme features sneek peeks into a rusty world, built from parts and pieces scattered throughout what was once earth.

Tetanus shot is not included. So please be careful, when swiping your fingers over those sharp, rusty bits - who knows where it''s been!

For those of you who prefer a brighter clock, there is another version of this lock screen with less grittier and more visible letters. It''s called GO Locker Steampunk Light Theme.

For a full screen no status bar home screen (or GOLocker screen) to give the theme maximum real estate - from home screen - Press Menu - Preferences - Screen Settings - Untick "Status Bar" - then to make it appear with swipes whenever you need it -
From Home screen - Menu - Preferences - Gesture Settings - You can set the up and down swipe to "Enable/ Disable Status Bar" - unless you use this feature for other purposes of course. This also works in hiding the status bar with GOLocker.

If you like this theme and think there was a lot of work put into it (for free, then please say thank you, by rating it in the market. If you leave a nice comment, well that''s even GREATER - and it gives me something to do when I wake up in the morning)

If you don''t like this theme, send me an email and tell me why, I''ll do my best to help you out - I read and answer every email as fast as I get them.

Thanks to all those people who have emailed and commented on my other Steampunk Themes - you make my day.

Other Steampunk Themed GO Apps Also available in the market by mindseed design are:
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Steampunk Widgets will be released one by one over the next few weeks.

If you would like to contact me, please use any of the means below. I''m always happy to hear from you. Don''t be shy.

Follow: https://twitter.com/@mindseedDesign
Like: http://www.facebook.com/mindseed.design
Plus: https://plus.google.com/109275982008448960608/posts
Visit: http://www.mindseed.co.za
Email: mindseed.design@gmail.com

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