Parking Dead - Car Zombie Land

Parking Dead - Car Zombie Land
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


"JASON!! JASON!! Wake up! Your brother is alive!!
It''s no joke - I have met him... He want''s you to come see him- He seems to be in trouble... You have to move it man..tonight is a full moon night, so you will have good visibility... GO GO GO!"

Years after the zombie apocalypse you have found out that your brother is still alive. Trapped alone in a zombie land infested city, your only way out is to travel to reach safe zones using car parking skills. This journey is not going to be easy and neither safe.

The only method of transportation are the vehicles you find at different levels. There are no street lights and the visibility is low due to the foggy weather. Possibility of you rushing across town is grim - as the road are not clear. The only thing you can do is to go in stealth mode and hope to god that the walking dead are not attracted towards you.
Remember you only have tonight to travel across the town. Come morning and the walking dead have a much more clear sight to attack you. Just remember one thing Jason, the roads are not clear in this zombie land - you will find tons of stuff blocking you - but you have to rely on your driving skills to drive past obstacles and not to bang your cars.

If you bang the car three times - the security alarm would go off and that would be the end...you need to use good car parking sense...There are no guns! and there is no shootouts...

God speed Jason.
Special features:
- Steering wheel movement for all vehicles
- Drive 4 kinds of vehicles throughout the levels
- Immerse game play with great 3D graphics and soundtrack
- Will test your driving skills to the max
- One of the best zombie simulation games ever!
- Realistic and scary moments would keep you on your toes
- If you love zombie games, you will certainly love this one!
- This is taking the parking games to a whole new level!

This game is inspired from the series "THE WALKING DEAD" - and we hope you feel the excitement moving through a town full of zombies :)

Keywords: zombie, shootout, evil dead, walking dead, zombie land, car parking

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