WiFi booster

WiFi booster
(4200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(4200 total ratings on Google Play)


WiFi booster will enhance your internet speed by reconnecting your wireless connection. This might result in better download speed, faster wifi file transfer, better streaming speed and better wifi signal strength and quality.

All you have to do to boost your wifi signal is:
- download the free WiFi booster
- open the application and press the big white button with a WiFi signal graphic.

After completing those steps you''ll be able to enjoy a more stable and stronger wifi signal. This works as if you rebooted your router in order to get a new, fresh wireless signal. Enhanced wifi signal results in better online gaming experience, snappier internet browsing with firefox or chrome and of course faster data rate transfer.

★ improves internet speed
★ improves signal reception
★ improves signal stability
★ strengthens wifi signal

WiFi booster will reconnect you to the wifi network you''ve been using. Do not believe apps that tell you that they can actually boost wireless signal that a router is emitting, because it is simply not possible. Sometimes reconnecting the wireless connection can result in enhanced wifi signal and in consequence enable you to download at a faster rate and watch youtube videos without stuttering. This free WiFi booster simplifies the process of reconnecting to a wifi access point.

This WiFi booster is completely clean, which means no intrusive ads like notifications or icons on your homescreen. Please do try this free WiFi signal booster and don''t waste your time with spam apps with fake ratings.

I hope you''ll enjoy this WiFi booster as much as my beta testers, who said:
"Download speed over my home WiFi went up by 30%. I think it was due to the WiFi booster"
"My wireless signal used to be really unstable. After using WiFi booster, the wifi signal became stabilized and stronger, better signal quality overall"
"I did a speed test after using WiFi booster and results were better by few megabits. I also noticed more signal bars"

Please send any suggestions to the support email listed below. I''ll be happy to reply.

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