PaPa''s Dining Car

PaPa''s Dining Car
(2200 total ratings on Google Play)
MoaiCity / Casual
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(2200 total ratings on Google Play)


★ Introduction ★
“Hey! What do you want today?”
“Hi, Papa. Burger combo, please!”
In the downtown street of the small town, the dining car is always popular than others.

Papa has owned his dining car over half of his life. When he was young, the revenue of dining car is the only way to support his family. Now, he is old, the dining car becomes his dream. When he was a young guy, he dreamed of having a warm dining restaurant. Although he only owned one small dining car after all, when he looked at the customers who came to his dining car from their childhood, they always leave with smile after having the delicious meal, and the happiness and fulfillment are so unique for Papa!

Certainly, the reason why Papa’s dining car can be so popular is he always try his best to satisfy many demand from customers. There have many kinds of meal such as pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken…etc. He serves almost any food you want to eat. However, as he become older and older, he can’t afford to serve so many customers anymore. Please help him! Now I want you!

★ Game Features ★
1. The game has four areas with 70 levels which has each different kind of meals and dessert.
2. There might open new level in special holiday.
3. Be careful with the last customer in every level, the most picky man might come to your store.
4. How come there have bombs in your dish? Don’t explode it for avoid to scare away your customers!
5. There have many kinds of small games, all you can play after you unlock them.

★ Game Guide ★
Main operation way:
Use the materials in your dishes. Make the meal what the customer has ordered, then the mission will be done after you move the meal to the customer’s plate. Remember don’t let your customer wait too long. He might be angry and go away without patience. And also don’t too busy to forget to accept the payments!

Operation guide of “Quick worker of hamburgers”
Shake your phone to operate the plate, use the materials on plates to make hamburgers.

Operation guide of “Memory combo”
Remember the place of materials; pick up the same picture of pairs.

Operation guide of “Hits the mole”
The kitchen has invaded by a lot of rats, use your finger to kill them and save your food!

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