SweetyHeaven HD (for Tablet)

SweetyHeaven HD (for Tablet)
(1500 total ratings on Google Play)
MoaiCity / Casual
Downloads: 100k
(1500 total ratings on Google Play)


※ This version is optimized for Tablet. Please download the version preferentially for the best display quality. Please search "SweetyHeaven" for mobile version if you use mobile. Please search "MoaiCity" for browsing more HD games.

※If you have any question, please mail to service@moaicity.com, we will help you to solve it as far as possible. Thanks!

★ Game Introduction ★
Everyone has his or her own "SweetyHeaven" in mind.

Cherry finally has her own cake shop, and you are exactly who she may rely on, the most important partner, pastry chef.Hurry up! With your magic fingers, come to take care of customers together, make desserts and discover the whole brand-new taste of dessert with Cherry! Let''s bring the dessert of happiness to the whole world!

SweetyHeaven has cute style of art, easy operation interface, and don''t worry about don''t know how to play. Because it''s so easy!

★ Game Features ★
- We will teach you step by step, it won''t need to worry about have no idea how to play!
- We have variety kinds of dessert, challenging your ability of reaction.
- There have different ways of play in SweetyHeaven, plenty small games will never let you be tired of it!
- We have a lot of decoration items; you can choose whatever you want for building your own specific shop!
- 5 big maps with 50 levels, each map has its own special dessert!
- There''s the special appraisal achievement system, you can know what achievement you get at glance!

★ Game Guide ★
- Operation guide of the main game:
Use every different material in the oven and make dessert to your customers. After the customers leave, they will leave the payment also. So, don''t forget to receive the money! There''s 128 kinds of dessert in SweetyHeaven. Let''s see how many kinds of dessert you can find for your customers!

- Operation guide of small game, string cotton candy:
Shaking your cell phone, and control the hands in the screen to string the cotton candy. Bye the way, remember to be care of the attack from the octopus!

- Operation guide of small game, knead dough:
Hit the button in the screen speedily can make your dough softer. In this way, you can make the desserts more delicious and your customers will give you more fees for that!

- Operation guide of small game, wash machine:
Blow out a long breath to the screen. The sully on the drink machines will disappear with the breath!

★ Version ★
- The free version has 16 levels.
- After installing the "Unlock Key", you can play all the50 levels.

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