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Draw Fun
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(340 total ratings on Google Play)


A unique drawing application that supports layers and very funny to use it.

Draw Fun is great in both drawing and photo editing.

Use your imagination and create funny and exiting images , then share it with your friends by using facebook, twitter, email, mms or whatever you have.

Select items such as photos or drawings then resize or rotate with two fingers or move the item to another layer.

-Touch the pen to draw and retouch to insert the drawing as an item.
-Long press an item to delete it(move it to recycle bin).
-New:Long press on an image to edit with filters(drag it to lens)
-Long press any image to crop it(move it to scissors).
-Long press any item to move it to another layer.
-Double tap on a layer to make it invisible
-select any item and move it.
-rotate or zoom an item with two fingers(Pinch zoom and rotate)
-Important: You can only select an item if it''s layer is selected.

-Stickers(Beards, glasses, hairs,hats, masks, speech bubbles and many many more)
-Save and load
-Text drawing, many fonts.
-Draw on photos
-Many brushes
-Spray and laser effects on brushes.
-Pinch zoom and rotate

*Photo editing functions:
-9 ready to use filters(Punch, Vintage, Black/White, Instant, Latte, Blue, Litho, X Process)
-7 Frame
-Straighten, Crop, Rotate, Mirror
-10 more detailed filters(Autocolor, Exposure, Vignette, Contrast, Shadows, Vibrance, Curves, Hue, Saturation, BW Filter)
-History (slide left to reach history)

*Usage of photo editing
-On photo editing screen slide left to open history and slide right to close history
-To use Rotate or Mirror slide the screen with your finger.
-From the bottom tabs change screens .(Ready Filters, Frames, Crop, Detailed Filters)
-Use back button to save and use the image in Draw Fun.

Note that this is the second version, we will add more features.
If you have an idea , we are glad to hear about it.
Next version we will add;
-more drawing features
-more layer features

We work hard to make the best drawing and photo application and we need your pozitive ratings to keep it better.
Please email if you find any bug or problem.

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