MoBill Budget and Reminder

MoBill Budget and Reminder
(2400 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2400 total ratings on Google Play)


MoBill Budget and Reminder is a personal finance, bill reminder and budgeting app that helps you to keep track of your bills and your income. It differs from other personal finance apps by instantly showing your finances. It lets you set reminders for your bills. You can track one off or recurring bills or income. You can sync your data between your devices with MoBill Cloud Sync, copy your data into Google Calendar, backup your data into your Dropbox®.

You can edit and change any occurrence of any recurring bill or income. You can view up to 3 months/weeks budget on one screen and easily change the number of visible months/weeks.
You can use predefined categories or add your own categories to your bills and income and see period totals by categories.
You can add phone numbers, email, web address into bill''s or income''s notes and you can call the number, send email or goto web site simply by touching the links.

The on screen summary gives you an instant overview of how you are doing for the period.

You can disable ads and enable several features by buying AdFree™ credits inside MoBill with 15-day money-back guarantee.

* Multiple account/multiple currency support
* Recurring Bills/Income support
* Add your own categories
* See bills and income in Monthly or Weekly periods
* Graphs
* Calendar style view
* In-app calculator
* Password security
* Backup / Restore
* Widget
* No internet account setup required. All data is kept in your phone
* Internet connection only required for ads
* Automatically Start At Boot only required because Android deletes all alarms at boot

You can buy AdFree™ credits and use MoBill without ads. The additional features are enabled by AdFree™ credits are:
* Remove ads
* Cloud Sync. Sync your data between your devices
* Cloud Sync Web. Access your data through web site from any device
* Budget. Budget entry and compare against actual
* Period outstanding balance carried over next period automatically
* Decreasing Bill that allows partial payment
* Paid Amount entry separate than bill amount
* Google Calendar synchronization
* Transfer between accounts
* Dropbox® synchronization
* Take a photo of your bills, income and receipts
* Month Weekday recurrence. You can add bills/income like repeating every third Wednesday
* Reports. View and email the reports
* Advanced Backup/Restore. You can save with any name and you can choose the backup file to be restored
* Schedule Automatic Backup
* Widget that shows incoming bills and income.
* Quick Bill Entry via Widget
* Payment Reference
* Auto Payment that marks bill paid automatically on the due date
* Additional period types
* Email or SMS transaction detail

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