Phone Fight - Free action MMO

Phone Fight - Free action MMO
(34.237k total ratings on Google Play)
MOB IN LIFE / Casual
Downloads: 500k
(34.237k total ratings on Google Play)


Wake up your cellphone or tablet and turn him into a hero! Choose his face and take care of him. Train him, collect awesome weapons and go fight other phones in your city and your friends! The 1st ever phone-fighting game. 2 millions players!

Read some testimonials from our players and the press :

• Pocket Gamer :
"Phone Fight is the world''s very first "phone-fighting" title."

• DailyGame :
"Phone Fight starts the biggest worldwide phone contest ever! A fun and addictive worldwide challenge."

• VentureBeat :
"A handy way to settle disputes over pizza toppings with your friends. :-)"

• Amazing! - 5/5 stars ★★★★★
By Adriana - 14 August 2013
"Very fun and very addictive! Played with my friends a lot! I love this game on my cellphone and now my Galaxy Tab."

• Great fun - 5/5 stars ★★★★★
By Bigarobas- 20 July 2013
"I just had to play every level right then. I definitely recommend this game! Easy to play, a good competition !"

• Great fun for young and old alike - 5/5 stars ★★★★★
By Greg Chiller - 03 September 2013
"it''s so addictive and lots of fun. Great idea, I keep petting my cell every day."

✔ Battle millions of cellphones and tablets in crazy fights!
✔ Create a fun and unique face for your cell, with over 3 billion possibilities!
✔ Take care of him, feed him, play with him… like a Tamagotchi!
✔ Collect 300+ crazy weapons and become the best!
✔ 400+ missions on 99 levels
✔ Challenge your friends, people around you and around the world LIVE!
✔ Play the mini-game Lucky Bubble to win tons of prizes and rare weapons!
✔ Multiplayer and solo game modes allow you to battle your Facebook friends and other avatars

Blending Action, RPG, social and multiplayer gameplay, Phone Fight will turn your mobile into a true hero! Equip him or her with fun and powerful weapons, and your avatar will become the best of your city, your region or even of your Facebook friends!

Get one of the best multiplayer RPG games. Simple and addictive, this social online MMO is full of action and strategy. It will turn your mobile into a tiny monster gladiator. Enter the arena with your avatar to start the first phone championship! The great tournament has begun! And don''t forget to invite your friends to make alliances! Make the war more fun : Use Facebook to find your friends’ avatars, challenge them and become the best!

For all the fans of RPG, MMORPG and all of those who like challenge and taking care of a virtual pet!

Any difficulties? Suggestions? Write us to help us improve Phone Fight : support@mobinlife.com

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mobinlife or like Phone Fight on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PhoneFight to be notified of events, promotions and grand battles!

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