Battle Star

Battle Star
(4500 total ratings on Google Play)
mocoga / Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(4500 total ratings on Google Play)


The best flying shooting game ever!!!
Long awaited Battle Star is finally here.
Customized your fighters and weapons of your choice and defeat the epic boss!
The peace of galaxy is at your fingertips.

☞ [TIP] Easy and Fast Gold Gain WAY

Do not be tired of Acuquisition of small gold reward from Arcade Mode.

▶ Time is Gold!! You can get a plenty of gold in a short time from boss battle and dodge battle.

▶ Also, if you use a free gold charger bought in shop, you can obtain extra gold.

※ Event: User who logged in facebook daily (to the game), will be rewarded gold.

※ If you keep surviving in boss battle and dodge battle without dying, you can obtain more gold.

▶ What’s special about this game ◀

Real arcade feeling air fighter shooter with sci-fi theme!!
Dodging waves of enemy bullets makes your adrenaline burst!

You can’t fight only with dodging the bullets. You have to come up with your own strategy.
Your strategy can vary depend on weapon of your choice.
Defeat the gigantic boss with your unique skills.

Enchant your weapons for making them stronger and faster!
After defeating a boss, you will get these enchant stones.

Fuse 2 same category weapons to earn higher power weapon.

Along with enchanting and fusing,
You can upgrade you own fighters

[New weapon system]
You can switch between 2 weapons of your choice.
Depending on the situation, you can change your weapons.

[Social Help]
If you need some new weapons, you can just borrow them from your wingman friends.

[Boss Battle]
A new battle mode that you only have to fight against these huge boss battle ships.
It will be worth trying it for the great rewards!

[Dodge Battle]
You will get reward if you survive certain period of time.
Survive as long as you can, and get rewards!

186 new stages you have to get through!
More will come very soon.

Compete with all players in the server.
Global ranking and friendship point system!

[Tablet Mode]
Tablet mode supported.

◈If you play this game in illegal way that our EULA defines as violation, your access to the game can be revoked.
◈ For customer service, you should mail to here!

Copyright 2014 Mocoga & Livezen Corp All Rights Reserved.

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