Princess Girl Hair Salon

Princess Girl Hair Salon
(890 total ratings on Google Play)
ModiFace / Casual
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(890 total ratings on Google Play)


Princess Girl Hair Salon is the ultimate hair salon simulation app for girls! You can try on over 50 popular hairstyles in combination with a variety of hair colors. You can also cut, brush, and add beautiful accessories to design your original hairstyle. The best part is, you can try on these hairstyles on your own photo ♥ This hair and beauty app has absolutely everything a girl needs to create the prettiest hair makeovers.

Be your very own hair stylist and get your Princess Girl ready using countless hairstyles, accessories, hair colors, and most importantly, your creativity! Once you are done creating your makeover, share your Princess Girl Hair Salon looks with friends or save them to your gallery!

* Features

✔ Try on hairstyles on a model AND your own picture ♥
✔ Design your own hairstyle: cut, brush, color
✔ 50+ cartoon and real-life hairstyles
✔ 30+ hair accessories: headbands,hairclips,flowers etc.
✔ 20+ photo filters
✔ Apply different hair colors
✔ Ability to undo
✔ Share your makeover with friends or save to your gallery

* How to play

★ New User ★

✔ Add Hairstyle to the model
...1. Choose your favorite hairstyle (curly, straight, or wavy)
...2. Apply Hair Colors
...3. Brush or cut the hair to design the perfect fit
...4. Add hair accessories to complete your look!
...5. Be adventurous and give your makeover a little twist! Try different photo effects/filters!

★ Experienced User ★

✔ Perform hair makeover on your own picture
...1. Choose a photo from your gallery or take a new one using camera
...2. Experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors!
...3. Be creative and use your hairstyling expertise to design the perfect hairstyle for you, your friends, and family members!

* Quick FAQ

Q. What do you mean by “...save this photo as a model photo”?
A: By saving a photo as a model photo, you can access it quickly from your model library. This photo *will not* be shared with anyone else. You can remove this model as well so don’t be afraid to use this feature!

Q. Why do I get this popup? “This app was terminated by your device unexpectedly...”
A. You are likely to receive this popup when you temporarily leave the game. This includes choosing a picture from your gallery, taking a picture using camera, and sending e-mail. For devices with limited space or memory, in order to optimize the performance, your device *sometimes* force close (or terminate) this game.

Q. The hairstyle doesn''t fit very well. What can I do?
A. Select the hair brush icon. Then, use one finger to move part of the hair or two fingers to move, zoom, and rotate the whole hair.

Q. Where are the photos saved to?
A. Saved photos can be found in ModiFace folder here: /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/ModiFace/.

Q. Hair detection seems off, why?
A. In order to have an accurate face detection, you have to be connected to the internet.

* Last Remark

Princess Girl Hair Salon is completely free! All features and items are unlocked (= free). Everything is literally at your fingertip to try and have fun! So why not install it today and tell us what you think?

✔ Support: Android 2.2 (Froyo) to Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean)
✔ Publisher: ModiFace - the Virtual Makeover experts

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